Life 3.0 – San Francisco Startups that Change the Way You Live

San Francisco Startups The Life 3.0 party is a series of events where San Francisco startups and social media marketing companies have the opportunity to demo their inventions to a variety of potential users including bloggers, investors, engineers, and enthusiasts.  Attendees can “vote” on the best, most viable ideas, and the top winners from this series are […]


Launch Parties: A Tale of Two San Francisco Startups

San Francisco Startup Launch Parties With all the San Francisco startup technology excitement and social media marketing here there’s a lot going on and a lot to do.  Virtually every day there’s some sort of launch party for a new, up-and-coming company or cause.  Last week I visited two San Francisco startup launch parties that were vastly […]

Social Media Compliance

Some People Could Use a Little Social Media Compliance

All I know of Hearsay Social, the social media compliance platform is what I’ve read.  I’m hoping this blog entry makes its way to the team and I can get a test account to play with.  I was interested in understanding their platform more, having just finished the CEO, Clara Shih’s book, The Facebook Era. […]


New, Highly Effective Startup Recruiting

Startup Recruiting The startup recruiting industry, by most accounts, has adhered to the same process for years. Resume review Phone screen On-site interview with a few, select folks Go / no-go hiring next steps In recruiting, technology has been embraced, although until lately, at a slower pace than by other industries.  This has led to electronic […]


SF Beta, Caricatures, Startups and Smart Folks

San Francisco Startups SF Beta is in its sixth year, it calls itself a “get-together for founders, hackers, designers, investors, visionaries, media professionals, and more.”  I like that.  Because literally, it was a collection of San Francisco startups, inventors, creators, investors and a few really cute girls -). I had a blast and posted my […]

Technology News

Social Media Regulation: It’s “SOPA,” Not “SOAP”

Social Media Regulation What’s all this about SOPA, anyway?   Well, thе US House оf Representatives іѕ соnѕіdеrіng а bill thаt mаnу fear соuld hаvе devastating effects оn free speech.  Designed tо impede thе accessibility оf sites promoting intellectual piracy аnd counterfeit goods, thе Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) wоuld give thе US government unprecedented […]

Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology: The Best of CES 2012

Emerging Technology I didn’t go to CES this year, am told it turned out to be the largest on record, despite a slow economy and the lack of any hugely anticipated announcements or unveilings.  But Business Insider has a good article on the all the emerging technology showcased at “Best of CES.” Here’s the emerging technology that […]

Social Media Tools

Zaarly: Local Buying & Selling Gone Big Time

Shaking Things Up Until recently, the local buying and selling market was dominated by one behemoth: Craigslist.  But San Francisco start-up, Zaarly, is shaking things up a bit.  This Craigslist meets Location Based Service (LBS)+ actionable activity web tool is already live in over 200 cities. Zaarly helps you match up a peer-to-peer purchase and sales opportunity with people in your […]