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Glue Gun Blogging with the 50 Top DIY Bloggers

The latest blogging statistics are out, and one DIY retailer is aware of them. A recent study shows how powerful a¬†business blog can be: 80% of blog visits are new (awareness) 53% more traffic (awareness) Posting every day generates 4x more leads (consideration) Nearly seven million people are blogging now; 12 million through social networks. […]

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How Social Trends, Tools and Apps Have Changed the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry has been rooted in tradition for centuries.¬†Wedding traditions, like the wearing of the bridal veil, have been in existence since ancient Judaic times, while other traditions, such as the lighting of the unity candle or the wearing of a white wedding gown, are fairly new. Because the industry consists of lots of […]

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Bronies: How Legions of Men and Magic Ponies Are Challenging Gender Norms

Living Among Us There are thousands of them. Teachers, scholars, blue and white collar workers, and entire community of men who love anime ponies. “My Little Pony,” to be precise. This isn’t some kind of, “Oh, snap, my sister had these in junior high, so I hung on to them for a bit.” We’re talking […]