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Identifying the Most Social Goods and Services in the ‘Sharing Economy’

Since colleges and universities are inherently social communities, consider this column a summation of the issues addressed in my previous article about this essential part of the “Sharing Economy.” For, the question is not one of if but what: It is a query about what goods and services college students will seek to barter or […]

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7 Essential Technologies Every Business Leader Should Understand in 2016

Today’s executives and leaders must have knowledge that goes well beyond basic business skills. To impress clients and business partners, they must remain informed about the latest news, especially when it impacts their own industries. They also must show full awareness of the technologies savvy business owners now use to do business each day. Fortunately, […]

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The Social Shopper: Reporting, Reviewing and Sharing in Real-Time

By David Muller, Founder and CEO of DCM Fabrication Consider this column a sequel to my article about The Frye Company(®) and the social impact of creating a specific retail environment. Think of this piece as a reminder that social media is often the result of, not the cause of, something far more experiential – and, […]

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Is Big Data Too Big for Small Business?

A 2015 IDG Enterprise Big Data and Analytics Survey revealed that big data is on the minds of business leaders and owners. There is an ongoing struggle to figure out how to manage the increasing amounts of data that are now available and leverage the true value that this data holds. Thanks for sharing @thoughtspot. 2015 IDG […]

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4 Reasons Executives Avoid #SocialMedia (and 3 Ways for Them to Embrace It)

Few things have the power to be both the potential joy and bane of a CEO’s existence like social media. As we’ve seen, a single tweet can cause share prices to plummet, while a genuinely empathetic YouTube apology has become a strategic element of saving face in the midst of a PR nightmare. With nearly […]

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Give Your Partners Their Due by Showcasing Their Success

By Robert Russo, co-founder of To reiterate my maxims about social media, which you can read here and here, business owners have an obligation to dialogue with consumers: They must initiate a discussion, not dictate orders to customers to buy this or do that – to Act now, while supplies last – and forgo […]