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Affordable, Advanced SMM – Interview with Actionly CEO, Alex Furtado

Article first published as The Affordable, Advanced SMM Tool You May Not Yet Know – Interview with Actionly CEO, Alex Furtado on Technorati.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

is a Social Media Monitoring (SMM) dashboard and listening platform. The company’s product enables agencies and businesses to connect with their customers on social networks, analyze sentiment, and identify influencers. Fully integrated across networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+,YouTube, Blogs, and Flickr, the tool monitors keywords so users can track what their customers are saying about them. Actionly’s proprietary technology helps analyze these social media conversations in a single dashboard.

If you’ve heard of Actionly, it may be because they’ve gained some press as of recent. If not, it may be because it’s hard to believe such a well -integrated, valuable system is available at a starting price of around $5 / a month per user. It seemed “too good to be true” for me as well, until I saw it all.

In speaking with Alex Furtado, Actionly’s CEO, I got a deeper look at this product’s capabilities. Alex explained,”It’s important not just to monitor what people are saying in your social media channels and react to it, but to be able to provide more intelligence around it.” Whether what is being said about your organization is on social networking sites, blogs, forums, or traditional websites, Actionly will pick up on it, make it sortable, and analyze it for the client. With this tool you can query keywords within the sentiment of multiple channels at the same time.

The company likes to differentiate itself from other SMM providers in driving to what is “action-based” results. The company’s positioning is that organizations often have trouble finding actionable insights from their social media monitoring programs. It’s one thing to collect Facebook “likes,” but what do you do about them? You can’t deposit them at the bank, that’s for sure…at least not at Chase, for those of us that bank there.

Three Key Social Media Metrics

Therefore, Actionly focuses on three categories under which most actionable social media metrics fit into:

  1. Volume: The volume metric determines the reach and frequency of your brand or company.
  2. Engagement: Engagement metrics help you understand the affinity for your brand.
  3. Conversion: Conversion metrics that track how many leads or sales you’ve generated.

Actionly lets businesses measure their Social Media ROI using integration with Google Analytics. All posts through the product can be tracked, so clients can generate reports to see which of their messages are generating leads, pageviews or revenue. Clients can see which posts are resonating with their audiences. Alex adds, “You want to know who your key influencers are, and what to do next to engage them.”

Doing this consistently is critical to good social media management, and Actionly positions itself to enable that. Alex explains, “As more people share their views, you have to be there, and we monitor your key Social Media channels 24/7 so you don’t have to be in-front of your computer all the time.”

Social Media for Business

In a great content marketing and brand awareness move, Actionly features a regular series of social media stories from actual product users called “Social Stories” that can be found on their blog.  Here, organizations share their social media learnings and best practices. Quantum, a data protection, data storage and data archiving company, shared, “One good lesson I’ve learned is that you almost can’t collect enough metrics to measure how well you’re doing on social media. We collect some 50+ metrics every week and I can still think of more that would be worth monitoring.”

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