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Emerging Technology
Key Things to Look for in Your Video Conferencing Solution

As published on Social Media Today Not All Conferencing Solutions Are the Same By this time, many of us have experienced the benefits of video conferencing solutions as part of our organizational and sales-oriented processes. Things like cost-effectiveness, the ability to connect with prospects in a time-effective manner, and real-time connectivity all ring true. But […]

Interview with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO – AdHub Marketplace

Article first written for, and published as What Samsung’s AdHub Mobile Exchange Means to All of Us – Interview with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO on Technorati. Announced at ad:tech in San Francisco this week, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and OpenX Technologies, Inc. announced a major new private advertising exchange specifically for global mobile inventory, including smartphones and tablets. The new exchange […]

Emerging Technology
10 Great Sets of Business Tools for SMBs

As published on The Cloud Is Great for SMBs  Whether or not the economic environment is right to start your small business depends a lot on what your business is, where it’s located, and who you ask. But insofar as technology is concerned, the tools available for starting a small business have never been […]

Social Business Software
The Social Media Tool Requirements Pyramid – Interview with Sprinklr

Article first written for, and published as The Social Media Tool Pyramid: Interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP at Sprinklr on Technorati. Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Tools What do you do when you’re a massive enterprise institution, maybe even a bit “old school” in the way you adopt new technology, and you find out from an objective survey, that […]

Social Loyalty and Gamification – Interview with Tuhin Roy, Co-founder of Fanzy

Article first written for, and published as Social Loyalty Disruption – Interview with Tuhin Roy, Co-founder of Fanzy on Technorati. Hyper-engaged Gamification for the Masses Fanzy is an exciting San Francisco startup launching the world’s first social loyalty network. I spoke with company co-founder, Tuhin Roy at ad:tech San Francisco to get more insight into the company’s […]

Greater Engagement via Social – Interview with BulbStorm CEO, Bart Steiner

Article first written for, and published as Lower Barriers and Greater Engagement: Interview with BulbStorm CEO, Bart Steiner on Technorati. Social Media Marketing “You’ve collected your Facebook likes, spent some dough on Facebook ads, and maybe given away an iPad or two. That was good for 2010. Now what?” That’s the tagline on BulbStorm’s website, and the […]

iSign Mobile Advertising – Interview with Alex Romanov, CEO

Article first written for, and published as Proximity-Based Mobile Advertising – Interview with iSign CEO, Alex Romanov on Technorati. iSign Media is a company based out of Toronto specializing in location-based content delivery. The company has developed a patent-pending “proximity-based” advertising solution that prompts smartphone users to nearby content like picture coupons, videos, music, maps and schedules. […]

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