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Blogging mistakes
Good Content Deserves Good SEO [Part 2] – Article Headings

SEO Strategy for Titles and Headings As published in Business2Community When it comes to search engine optimization strategy, there are two fundamental areas where we as authors can directly impact our search engine ranking effectiveness–title tags and article headings.  In part two of this two part series, “Good Content Deserves Good SEO,” we focus on article […]

Blogging mistakes
Good Content Deserves Good SEO [Part 1] – Title Tags

SEO Strategy for Titles and Headings As published in Business2Community When it comes to SEO strategy, there are two fundamental areas where we as authors can directly impact our search engine ranking effectiveness–Title tags and article headings. In part one of this two part series, “Good Content Deserves Good SEO,” we focus on article title tags. […]

Eerie Eyeballs: Groupon’s Gamification

Gamification for Business As originally published in First, let me start off by stating, my only affiliation with Groupon is that I used ’em last week at Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Curry, here in San Francisco (yes, there is such a place).  Next, let’s level-set on definitions, and give a little background for any newbies. […]

Business Reputation
Why Your Online Reputation Matters to Your Business

Internet Marketing Strategy & Your Business Reputation The rules of the game have changed.  One negative blog post or product review can spread online in a flash and change the direction of a company and your internet marketing strategy needs to accommodate for this.  New business partners, customers and want to learn as much as […]

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing summit NYC 2012
Inbound Marketing Summit NYC 2012

Two Days of People Who Truly “Get” Inbound Marketing With so much happening in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s only a few times a year that I venture outside of California to catch a good conference.  The Inbound Marketing Summit (IMS) in NYC was one of those events compelling enough to lure me in advance […]

Is 2012 the Year for Gamification?

Gamification.  What Is It? As published by Social Media Today.   Lots of people claim 2011 was finally the year for the world of gamification, but I disagree.  It’s safe to say that gamification gained some traction last year, but ask around, and the term itself is still vaguely understood.   Oxford University Press defines gamification as […]

Business Blogging
Business Blogging: Essential for Business Reach

Business Blogging as a Critical Tool As published by Social Media Today.   There is a wide misconception among SMBs that business blogging is a waste of time.  But realistically, blogs are, and have always been great marketing tools.  When used effectively, an active blog with useful, free content can attract a lot of potential customers.  And in […]

Inbound Marketing
4 steps to link builing seo
4 Steps to Good Link Building SEO

Link Building SEO, Like the Experts  As published by Social Media Today.   I’m really getting into SEO lately, and specifically, the undeniable relationship between SEO and inbound marketing.  Or more specifically, good link building SEO practice and inbound marketing.    Among the various tools and strategies, link building is the one very essential for good website page ranking. […]

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