Blue and Red States Agree on Mobile Bargain Hunting [Infographic]


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A recent Rasmussen Report surveying likely voters in both June and July of 2012 found that the economy is the number one issue of concern in the current election. But regardless of political affiliation, bargain shopping is proving popular with everyone.

Green-pigs-mobile-marketingSense Networks, the original Big Data mobile location company, today announced the results of its second Mobile Advertising Pulse, which captures the most popular shopping locations when comparing red states and blue states. The results showed that regardless of a state’s political allegiance, citizens were frequently shopping at discount stores and value-focused Quick-Serve-Restaurants (QSRs). Sense’s analysis aligned with those concerns and showed that many citizens visit shopping destinations, QSRs and hotels/motels that are known for discounts and value.

The data indicates that even with the different brand choices in Red and Blue states , most citizens are still “watching their wallet” and attempting to make economical purchasing decisions.  This analysis focused on which retail brands over-indexed for Blue or Red states – revealing the most popular retailer destinations unique to each.


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