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Brand Management
How Web Design Impacts #SEO, Branding, and Search Engine Ranking

The importance of web design to branding, Search Engine Ranking and SEO cannot be underestimated but is easy to incorporate given the right kind of pre-planning. The elements that comprise effective website design are intricately interconnected and must be skilfully implemented to have the greatest impact upon one’s customer base. Outstanding websites incorporate key facets […]

SEO Marketing Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Running your own business, regardless of the scale of your operations, requires you to place a certain amount of effort, time and resources into your online marketing campaigns if you truly want your company to have an edge over your competition, and the online marketing world can be a fast paced one. Unfortunately, the work […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Optimization is Part of Good SEO

Social media optimization (SMO) is an entirely new concept dealing with all the methods that can be used to create publicity, referral traffic, and bookmarking of your website using social media tools.  Things like social book-marking, up-voting (or down-voting), content tagging, sharing, liking, RSS feeds and similar all constitute social media activity.  For the author, […]

Blog Marketing Essentials

 As published in The Customer Collective Business Blogging With the abundance of  tools available today, blog marketing is quite easy to take on. A lot of people get scared about the prospect of it, but really, if you’ve already been writing and producing marketing material, this is more about shifting your perspective and audience, in […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The 3 Types of Internet Search

As published in Business2Community Understanding Consumer Search Behavior If you are looking to rank well in the search engine results (SERPs) it’s important to understand how and why people search in the first place. Knowing this will allow you to create content tailored for your target consumer search queries. Fortunately, lots of experts have studied […]

Blogging mistakes
Good Content Deserves Good SEO [Part 2] – Article Headings

SEO Strategy for Titles and Headings As published in Business2Community When it comes to search engine optimization strategy, there are two fundamental areas where we as authors can directly impact our search engine ranking effectiveness–title tags and article headings.  In part two of this two part series, “Good Content Deserves Good SEO,” we focus on article […]

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