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Brand Management
6 Tools to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Guest Post by Erica Moss Inbound marketing is a specific type of strategy, aimed at positioning your brand, product or service in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to find you. Through the techniques described in What Is Inbound Marketing and Why It Works, you’ve learned how to employ various strategies to put […]

Social Business Software
6 Must-Have Capabilities for Any Good Enterprise Social Media Management Solution

Article first published as 6 Must-Have Capabilities for Any Good Enterprise Social Media Management Solution on Technorati. In late 2011, Ashton Kutcher (the actor and first celebrity to hit 1 million followers on Twitter), walked past a television and saw that the longtime coach of the football team from Penn State University had been fired. As an alumnus of a […]

Social Business Software
5 Key Considerations for Your Business Social Intranet

As published in Social Media Today Social Intranet Solutions IGLOO Software is a company that develops social software providing online business communities. Providing a powerful suite of content management, collaboration and knowledge sharing tools, the cloud-based service gives employees, partners, and customers a voice in their business activities. In speaking with Dan Latendre the CEO […]

Social Business Software
Affordable, Advanced SMM – Interview with Actionly CEO, Alex Furtado

Article first published as The Affordable, Advanced SMM Tool You May Not Yet Know – Interview with Actionly CEO, Alex Furtado on Technorati. Social Media Monitoring Tools Actionly is a Social Media Monitoring (SMM) dashboard and listening platform. The company’s product enables agencies and businesses to connect with their customers on social networks, analyze sentiment, and identify […]

Social Business Software
The 5 Pillars of Collaboration – Interview with Dan Latendre,CEO of IGLOO Software

Article written for, and published as The 5 Pilars of Collaboration – Interview with Dan Latendre,CEO of IGLOO Software on Technorati. Social Business Collaboration IGLOO Software is a company that develops securely stored social, collaborative business solutions that can be used for employees, business partners and customers. Delivered in the cloud, the company’s social software includes an integrated […]

Business Intelligence
Case Study: The “GoToMeeting” Guys Get Analytical

As published in Social Media Today Agile Business Intelligence Most of us know the company Citrix from that little GoToMeeting icon on our desktops. But the company does more than just collaborative solutions—a whole lot more. Citrix Systems designs and develops software and hardware solutions  for a global customer base. In fact, more than 230,000 […]

Emerging Technology
Key Things to Look for in Your Video Conferencing Solution

As published on Social Media Today Not All Conferencing Solutions Are the Same By this time, many of us have experienced the benefits of video conferencing solutions as part of our organizational and sales-oriented processes. Things like cost-effectiveness, the ability to connect with prospects in a time-effective manner, and real-time connectivity all ring true. But […]

Social Business Software
The Social Media Tool Requirements Pyramid – Interview with Sprinklr

Article first written for, and published as The Social Media Tool Pyramid: Interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP at Sprinklr on Technorati. Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Tools What do you do when you’re a massive enterprise institution, maybe even a bit “old school” in the way you adopt new technology, and you find out from an objective survey, that […]

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