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Key Things to Look for in Your Video Conferencing Solution

As published on Social Media Today Not All Conferencing Solutions Are the Same By this time, many of us have experienced the benefits of video conferencing solutions as part of our organizational and sales-oriented processes. Things like cost-effectiveness, the ability to connect with prospects in a time-effective manner, and real-time connectivity all ring true. But […]

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The Social Media Tool Requirements Pyramid – Interview with Sprinklr

Article first written for, and published as The Social Media Tool Pyramid: Interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP at Sprinklr on Technorati. Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Tools What do you do when you’re a massive enterprise institution, maybe even a bit “old school” in the way you adopt new technology, and you find out from an objective survey, that […]

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What’s Social Business Software For?

Social Business Software The small medium business to enterprise have all been struggling to clearly answer this for years now: How do we measure this?  When early majority businesses outside of Silicon Valley look at this social business software, they see a lot of stuff that screams “don’t buy” because none of it clearly fits into […]