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Why You Need a Database Services Specialist to Make a Stellar WordPress Site

By Sujain Thomas An eMarketer study in 2014 predicted that internet users were to hit 3 billion in 2015. Well, this has come to pass and in fact, the number actually reached 3.2 billion according to a study done by Miniwatts Marketing Group. As a business owner, it is imperative to leverage these numbers and the […]

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“Web 2.0” vs. “Social Media”

“Web 2.0” vs. “Social Media” Are the definitions interchangeable?  Sequential?  Relational? Web 2.0. Lots of us did not like the term to begin with, but it was needed to show the move from static sites into a new conversational web. Most of the world’s leading software developers have shifted their focus in this direction. We […]