Content Marketing Just Got Easier with ContentGems’ Hootsuite Integration


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One of the first tools I was exposed to early on in my content marketing career was a tool called Intigi. It cut hours of web navigating off my weekly schedule, and gave clarity and focus to my curated content activities. In fact, the only thing unclear about the tool, was how to pronounce the name. So, last year the content tool formerly known as Intigi became the powerful content marketing tool called “ContentGems.”

ContentGems’ technology monitors a wide array of online sources to automatically recommend new content that marketers can share and write about. The practice of content marketing is about consistently generating compelling, value-add content to your audience, and ContentGems can turn your organization or brand into a subject matter perceived authority.

The comes pre-populated with over 200,000 news sources, blogs, and social media accounts. You can set filters, and import your own feeds, including the Twitter handles you follow (I recommend @SocialMktgFella for really good news on San Francisco tech trends), as well. All this makes for a singular place to quickly survey relevant news and content, to be editorialized and curated for distribution through your blog, email, or preferred social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.


The platform just got better today, as ContentGems and HootSuite announced a new integration. The new app brings powerful content curation capability to what’s become the leading social media management(SMM platform. And like the way Hootsuite has a free tier service so social media novices and light users can enjoy the tool, ContentGems now offers the same.

That means a single solution for aspiring content marketers, as well as content experts, to efficiently and powerfully do business. By combining automated content curation from ContentGems with HootSuite’s social media management platform, marketers can build their brand, boost their social media presence, and improve their site’s search engine ranking.

More on ContentGems (formerly Intigi) in this video overview:

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