Get 5 Gigs Storage Free for Life – World Backup Day, March 31st


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World Backup DayWorld Backup Day, now in its second year, is an annual Internet-wide promotion of data backups. The event was chosen to be the day before April 1st (April Fools) in order to drive the message that one should backup all those pictures, spreadsheets, love letters, cat pictures, and important financial documents before it’s too late. World Backup Day began its inaugural celebration in 2011 by a few concerned users on It was a hit, particularly in the San Francisco tech industry, with virtually all tech news sources reporting on it.

For 2012, World Backup Day has partnered with many media partners, including SpiderOak, to spread the word of data backups. As part of a global movement to encourage consumers and businesses to proactively back up their data – SpiderOak is offering 5GB of free storage – for life.  Simply sign up for free to begin! To redeem their offer, click ‘buy more space’ and enter WORLDBACKUPDAY.

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