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Is There Really #ROI In Guest Blogging?

New research from Tim Soulo of BloggerJet explores the real value of guest blogging. The study asks, “What was the ROI of that guest post?”, and gets to the real value. Soulo reached out to over 500 bloggers and got some overwhelming results.

He confirmed the five main benefits of guest blogging to be:

  • Referral traffic;
  • Quality backlinks;
  • Exposure & Credibility;
  • Nurturing relationships with great people;
  • Monetary reward.

But Soulo’s own findings reveal that guest blogging might not be generating the volume of traffic to your site as you’d hoped.

Guest Post ROI The Data Behind 273 Guest Posts Says It s No Good BloggerJet

The study found:

  1. The average referral traffic from a guest post is miserable – only 56 visits
  2. 85% of all guest articles that I’ve studied brought less than 100 visits
  3. Alexa ranking of a blog does not correlate with the amount of referral traffic that you can get from it

Soulo’s own guest blogging efforts yielded these marginally impressive numbers:



Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is Editor Emeritus of Technorati, and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. He's an inbound marketing specialist, an advisor to Social Media Today, and to several startups. He serves as a copywriter, content strategy and messaging consultant.

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