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So What’s a Social Media Marketing Guru, Anyway?

Social Media & Internet Marketing Gurus

What is a social media Guru? On the internet, a guru is recognized as someone who has lots of experience and has made the grade.

The majority of internet Gurus are only too happy to teach. Therefore, becoming a San Francisco social media marketing Guru in the true sense of the word, requires being of service.

There are at least a dozen who not only publish a newsletter with articles showing some of the tricks of their trade but have also published books showing in detail the best ways of running a business. Learn from the real experts. There are hundreds of people out there who purport to be experts in e-commerce. Most of them have just read a few books on the subject and in turn composed their own book comprised of second hand information.

You may well ask ‘What’s wrong with that? It’s the same information written in a different style.’ I consider it to be cheating, even if it is within the law. The problem is a mixture of different techniques can cause confusion and fail completely in it’s purpose.

A mixture of different techniques can cause confusion and completely fail in its purpose.  So choose one way. Each Guru has a successful way of starting and running a business on-line. Pick just one social media marketing Guru in the San Francisco Bay Area, and study his/her system. Don’t be sidetracked.

Study your chosen system. Your Guru made it work. You can make it work for you. Who are these Gurus? I could give you a list. It would be subjective in as much as they may not be the ones that another person would choose.

3 comments on “So What’s a Social Media Marketing Guru, Anyway?”

  1. Delora

    So the next time someone calls themselves a guru, I know how to truly evaluate them.

  2. Tuan

    Ha, I hope Mike Meyers isn’t the definition of a guru! But seriously, some valid points.

  3. Edward Novick

    With so many people at the cutting edge of technology and all these agencies vying for business, it’s hard to tell who’s who.

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