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Why So Many Businesses Are Failing To Use Social Media For PR

You probably know this already – social media is fundamental for attaining success in the online environment. Considering that we live in the 21st century and 73% of adult people have at the very least one type of social media account, it’s safe to say that businesses now understand the power of these channels. However, […]

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Taking Small Businesses to New Heights with the Help of SEO Services

For every business, small, medium, or big. New or old. It has already become a prerequisite to build a presence online. It’s one of the best opportunities to take advantage of especially if you own a small business. As soon as you create your own website, you get a clean slate as other brands did […]

Cloud Technology Guest Post Latest

Cloud Storage: Making Small Businesses More Productive

By Alex Miller Prior to the availability of new cloud technologies, small businesses needed to purchase software, install it on a computer, and then pay to update that software as new versions were released—which could sometimes be quite frequently. It was a process that was both labor- and, often, price-intensive. It’s also a process that […]