Blockchain Cannabis

Why Blockchain Is Perfect for the Cannabis Industry

The canna-economy has some core problems. Until they are solved, the industry will not reach the extraordinary potential predicted of its revenues and tax payoffs. Recreational cannabis remains illegal in most states. Banks and investors fear Federal restriction on these financial transactions. And, states have imposed demanding seed-to-sale tracking reports. Few new businesses face such […]


Why the World Is Watching California’s Relationship with Cannabis

If California were a country, it would be the sixth largest economy in the world. The California Department of Finance places its economy above that of France, Russia, Italy, India, and Canada. Its Gross Domestic Product of $2.6 trillion is 14% of the United States’ GDP. That’s a huge customer base for all products — […]


The Opioid Crisis Is Forcing Open Minds About the Lifesaving Potential of Medical Marijuana

As Published on Entrepreneur Written By Andre Bourque Steep declines in overdose deaths wherever medical marijuana is legal has led increasing numbers of policymakers to question the federal government’s ban on cannabis research. In 2016 alone, opioid-related deaths neared the number of American casualties in both the Vietnam War and Iraq campaigns, combined. Crazy numbers, somewhere […]