10 Exciting Cannabis Products Examined By The Eyes Of A Novice

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Written By: Andre Bourque

There’s something fairytale-like being a novice cannabis products reviewer. The experience isn’t just about functionality, it’s one of discovery.

Cannabis Products

What does this do? What’s its purpose? How does it work? That was me after I sent off a few emails asking to review some of the most interesting and popular products making noise early this year. But I come from the tech industry, so I like to pick things apart, as well, with a particular interest in product marketing. Please enjoy my thoughts on these 10 cool and interesting cannabis products in no particular order.

1. Smoke Buddy

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Smoke Buddy addresses a familiar problem with a practical solution. Blow smoke in, clean air out. This is sure to be banned from all high school bathrooms.

Awesome branding with Lego-like, smiley face man. The type of figurine one can proudly brandish at a dinner party or potluck.

Available on Amazon, one user asks, “Is there any reason I would buy this over making a version out of “household products”? His succinct reply: “yes.”

Well played, Sid.

2. Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Leonardo Davinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” And that’s clearly the conviction the Davinci brand upholds in developing and evolving their products.

The Davinci IQ offers exactly what it advertises: Purity. Innovation. Control. Pulling out this vaporizer at a party is akin to driving up in a Tesla.

3. iHit

We all have that garrulous friend or family member whose phone calls seemingly last forever. That’s precisely when you need the handy iHit iPhone solution.

Easily remove this handy case from your phone to access your secret stash of smokes. The iHit is the mullet of the cannabis industry: business in the front, party in the back.

4. Stash Logix Cases

Stash Logix is the carefully compartmentalized laptop case for the true cannabis connoisseur.

Grow your own herb? This case is for you. Everything has its place, and the integrated lock will keep opportunistic friends from stealing your sunshine.

5. Wickie Pipes Wikilite

Wikilite is the switch blade of lighter-pipe combos. Everything’s contained in a slender, foldable device that’s full of function and portable enough to be placed next to your keys and purse.

The device was the hands-down highlight of a Super Bowl party I attended, and sits atop my early list of Christmas gifts. Extremely under-priced at $39, the Wikilite is a hidden gem.

I’d like to see Wickie Pipes build-out it’s social media channels to better evangelize their suite of products, reintroducing the “WikiLite” to the market in a variety of colors consistent with evolving consumer tastes.

6. Evoxe

Disposable vapes needn’t look like the rinky-dink disposable cameras every wedding planner distributed to guests of a 1990’s reception. Packaging counts and Evoxe knows this.

A friend needed a quick and temporary CBD fix to cope with some back pain. Handing her an Evoxe “Balance” CBD vape infused with hints of geranium and frankincense was more like bestowing a gift rather than solving a problem.

Stay classy.

7. Weed Wipes

Add a few drops of WeedWipes in your bong water and never clean resin again. A simple hot water rinse brings it back to…

Posted by WeedWipes on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just a few drops of this natural and organic oil treats an entire set of pipes. In fact, WeedWipes works on any finished surface, including plastic countertops, acrylic bongs, scissors, painted walls, finished wood, or anything surface that has come into contact with resin.

A must-have for smokers with well-used and tarnished paraphernalia, Weed Wipes is the RainX of bongs and pipes.

8. Black Rock Originals Smell-Proof Smoke Case

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Say goodbye to Ziplocks, sunglass cases, or candy tins with the BRO case. Truly smell-proof, the Black Rock Originals discreet stash kit is perfect for travel and keeping track of lost vape pens.

Designed with the discerning smoker in mind, balancing function with polish. I tell people it’s my “bro” (feel free to steal that tagline if you like, guys).

9. Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil

Kannaway – A Professional Company in an Unprofessional Space from Kannaway on Vimeo.

Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil looks as if it rightfully belongs on the shelves of a pharmacy, as much as the case of a dispensary. Tamper proof packaging, expiration dates, and lot numbers collectively make Kannaway the type of solution patients want, and distributors proud to offer.

This is the type of product that begs for and supports any argument for federally legalized hemp CBD oil.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Magnetic components eliminate the possibility for stripped threads in this carefully designed device.

Dr. Dabber has the type of product packaging other cannabis brands are seeking to emulate. And the keychain can be used as an unofficial resin scraper (I just made that up, but it works).

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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