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10 Ways to Use Recruitment Marketing

Today everyone wants to attract and hire the best people from the industry and raise the bar of talent acquisition for their firm. The candidates’ expectations are also much higher these days from the companies they work for and they can also afford to be particular while choosing their employers.

Acquiring the right talent can contribute towards making your brand more solid and stay unique and strong amongst your competitors. There are many ways to use recruitment marketing in the right way to have a leading edge over your competitors. From creating a unique brand to applying candidate relationship marketing, the recruiters have to learn ways to operate like marketers. They need to keep along with the latest developments about hiring trends and overall candidate experience.

Here are 10 recruitment marketing tips that should be adapted in order to improve the recruitment process:

1) Enforce Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System enables recruiters to compile candidate profiles, jobs, and recruiting workflows at a primary position. To encounter the latest challenges of recruitment, a perfect ATS must function as part of an integrated talent acquisition solution program.

It must comprise of recruitment tools, a record highlighting the candidate’s touch points, communication channels, self-regulated onboarding workflows and, above all, data analytics.

2) Portray your Company Culture

Your reputation as an employer depends largely on the distinct culture of your brand and so does your ability to onboard the best talent from the open market. There are a lot of ways through which recruitment marketing can be used effectively to represent the culture of your company and attract the best suitable candidates, right from the brand manager.

As the statistics reveal, almost 95% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if the company actively manages its employer brand online. You can change the game for you by portraying the unique aspects of your company as this will help in boosting your employer brand online and won’t need to post original information.

3) Train your In-company Brand Ambassadors

There’s a greater chance that your employees will promote your brand if they are easily able to connect with your brand and giving them some ready-made items is a great idea for them to easily promote. You can give training to your employees to identify their personal brand. Training them to be amazing brand ambassadors on social media is a great way to keep a consistent message going about your company’s brand.

4) Use Social Media at Every Step

A productive social media promotion plan should be made up of the summary of everything you wish to do and expect to get using social channels. Social media can be used to find your potential candidates as you get to know their interests through this platform.  By using social media for recruitment purposes, one can get help in finding the best candidate. Also if you’re willing to spend some amount, you can create social media ads by targeting your chosen audience. This will help in presenting your business to job seekers and recruiting managers.


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5) Apply Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Most recruiters coincide with the fact that candidate relationship management (CRM) tools should be present in a talent acquisition system. With recruitment marketing automation, recruiters can form talent pools or talent communities by inviting and attracting passive candidates. These are candidates who are not yet willing to apply for a job but are interested in your company’s employment brand. They show interest in your uniquely branded, mobile-optimized career site portal.

Once the data about these non-working candidates is in the system, recruiters can use talent pools according to specific groups of candidates based on functions and the candidate’s interests can be filtered according to their relevant fields.

6) Revive your past Business Relations

Do not forget to revive contacts with your previous clients and unplaced candidates. You can send them a gentle reminder that you are still in the business and let them know in what way you can help. Send current job openings to unplaced candidates from your recruiting database. And remind your previous clients about your services.

7) Flaunt What You Do

Flaunting your successes and your skills isn’t bad if it is helping your marketing efforts. Your achievements might impress some clients and candidates to choose you among others. You can share your company’s awards and qualifications along with your employees’ professional skills. Talk of past successful placements and link the media coverage where you acted as an expert source. All this will prove you are a trustworthy and reputable organization.



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8) Take Shorter Time to Hire

You are doing the biggest mistake if you are taking too much time to hire. You know the competitors are always looking towards hiring the best potential candidates. If you take time in responding, the person may join one of your competitors by then and won’t have the patience to deal with you anymore. Value the time of the candidates and the professionals the same way you value your own time. Contact instantly when you find anyone deserving.

9) Set Up Employee Referral Programs

A great way to hire some promising candidates is through an employee referral program. Ask your present employees to refer their qualified friends and family and earn some rewards. This will make your present employees happy and also be able to represent your company in the market to attract potential candidates and earn employee referral rewards.

10) Organize Competitions

The statistics reveal that digital media has become the biggest source for finding jobs in today’s time. Organizing online talent hunt programs can help to attract prospective employees. Students and professionals will find it easy to participate in the competition and get a chance to win an employer by displaying their skills through these competitions.

Overall, recruitment marketing companies need to analyze their regular recruiting process and know which strategy will give them the best results. Is it the recruiters and the marketers or the partnership between talent acquisition and marketing? By figuring this out, they can create a great marketing opportunity to build a talent pool and keep themselves ahead of their competitors.





















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