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Beneath the Surface: 5 Social Media Predictions for 2013

For years Seth Casteel photographed dogs leisurely floating in pools and playing in water features. It wasn’t until one of these animals lunged for a toy and dove into a pool that he captured an entirely new and revealing perspective on an otherwise ordinary event. It turns out, there’s a whole lot of activity beneath […]

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Is Real-Time Bidding Mobile Advertising’s Win-Win?

As published on Social Media Today It’s been called a common buzzword that’s part of everyone’s business plan in 2013: Real-Time Bidding (RTB). In the advertising world, RTB means that every online ad impression can be evaluated, bought, and sold instantly (well, less than 100 milliseconds). Mobile advertising buying platform Adfonic, describes RTB as the means by which […]

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The Social Pancake – IHOP Embraces Content Marketing

I remember eating the massive chocolate chip cookie pancake at the International House of Pancakes (before they got cool and changed their name to IHOP). As a child, that would be some sort of reward for academic performance, or another birthday. But back then we didn’t snap pictures of me eating one of IHOP’s monstrosities, […]

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Black Friday: By the Numbers [Interactive Infographic]

As published on Social Media Today and Business2Community The 2012 results are in, and Black Friday meant large volumes of transactions for U.S. retailers. With the proliferation of mobile computing, much of this volume occurs in the eCommerce space. Our interactive infographic captures this year’s trends and developments. TweetSharePinShare33 Shares

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4 Powerful Reasons to Storyboard Your Business Ideas

As published on Social Media Today Storyboarding for Business There’s a reason why advertisers use storyboards to sell their ad concepts: it illustrates a concept and delivers a story to the client. Many business owners don’t realize that the storyboard is also a business and management tool that can be used to convey messages to employees, […]

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Sustainability “Green” Mobile–Such a Thing as GreenMo?

As published on Social Media Today Sustainability “Green” Mobile Movement? This year has been full of great conferences featuring new technologies in the mobile application space. The convergence of Social, Local, and Mobile (SoLoMo) into a unified approach and integrated technology has been called “the proverbial Holy Grail of marketing” by some analysts. Next month in San Francisco, in […]

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3 Rules of Content Translation–Interview with Rob Vandenberg, CEO of Lingotek

The world is not made up of English-speaking people although many can speak or understand a few basic English words like greetings and common conversation words. However, those who are not fluent in English would rather not struggle with a foreign language. This means that to maximize your website or online business, you need to […]