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SiSoMo Makes Luxury Products Shine

As published in Business2Community A study released by Martini Media today reports agency executives estimate that 37 percent of mass marketers’ branding dollars are spent in digital marketing (online display, video, mobile), whereas only 31 percent of luxury marketers’ budgets are spent in that space. At the same time, research indicates that trend shifting in […]

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Marketing Powers Activate! GraphEffect’s Social Network Now Open to the Rest of Us

As written for Social Media Today Earlier this year Gartner predicted that more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies will “actively engage” customers with Facebook marketing by 2013. One company, GraphEffect, has been helping fulfill on those estimates. GraphEffect serves as a collaboration platform for Fortune 500 brands and agencies to coordinate their marketing initiatives. Companies like […]

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Mobile Ads: Vinny Prefers to Dine, Spicoli Heads to the Spa

Image: The Great Debate Stereotypes of East Coasters and West Coasters have long been the material of late-night spoofs, movies, and cultural commentary. People from the West Coast brand their Eastern counterparts of being uptight and stressed out, while folks on the East Coast perceive them as having a laissez-faire approach to life. The generalizations go beyond mere […]

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Where You Go Defines You More than Where You Browse – SoLoMo (Infographic)

“Moms who go to the zoo also tend to frequent beauty salons.” That’s the latest finding from JiWire, a location-based mobile media company. That deduction alone may not be earth-shattering, but it points to something larger: the emerging value of location based data. While defining audiences on mobile is nothing new, doing so based on location patterns […]

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Social Messaging Apps Leaving Mobile Carriers in Last Place (Infographic)

As published in Business2Community Another article about the Olympics? Yeah, but this one’s different. It’s got Wenlock, and cool graphics. At this year’s Olympic Games, social media users are spending nearly half their time watching the event and half their time communicating about it. At the time of this writing, a Google search of “London Olympics” […]

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J.D. Power’s Fitness Segmentation: Are You a Social-ciser or a Baby Fat?

As published in Social Media Today Driving More than Cars Shimmering, translucent and regal, the J.D. Power and Associates award sits on a desk commanding notoriety and respect. We’re able to identify these trophies from fantastic marketing exposure to them. And we can safely associate the company with leading way to higher automotive quality and design […]

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Game Changer: Crowdsourcing Patent Research – An Interview with Cheryl Milone, CEO of Article One Partners

As originally written for and published on Technorati Co-authored by Lillian Pierson — The World of Ideas and Patents Let’s say you’re an enterprise start-up bio-tech company with a team over in the left wing that just happened upon an innovative new solution to a problem that plagues your industry. With this solution, years of […]