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Overcoming 7 Enterprise Mobility Challenges in Today’s BYOD World

Article first published as Overcoming 7 Enterprise Mobility Challenges in Today’s BYOD World on Technorati. According to the iPass Q1 2012 Global Mobile Workforce Report, the average worker is now carrying around an average of 3.5 mobile devices. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, feature phone and all the hybrids of them. We bring these into our work with us, where we […]

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Study Shows Mobile Payments Popular for Innovation, Convenience, Speed

Mastercard, in partnership with Prime Research, just its Mobile Payments Social Media Study tracking 85,000 related social media comments across Twitter, Facebook, Online Blogs and Forums from around the world. Two prominent themes emerged from the research: A high volume of conversation and consumer interest in adopting mobile payments, and Confusion over the array of options available today as barriers to entry. About […]

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ChaCha: The Answer to Your Burning Questions

As written for Social Media Today One needn’t look further than last month’s announcement from LinkedIn to learn the business of Q&A search isn’t an easy one. The company pulled the plug on LinkedIn Answers, its Quora-like Q&A service, on Jan. 31. Speaking of which, just Just Quora-search “Things Contributing to the Decline in Quora” to figure out the story […]

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Bullied Small Business Fights Back with #CloudBully Social Media Campaign

As written for Social Media Today Trademark Theft Goes Social A fun article, “Suing Big Companies in Small Claims Court Is Fun and Easy,” makes it sound reasonably “fun and easy” to go after a big company with a small claim as a bullied consumer. Author Ben Popken talks about his successes as the little guy […]

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If Your LinkedIn Box Isn’t Full, You’re Not Doing It Right

As written for and published on Business2Community  LinkedIn Skills Feature Two years ago LinkedIn introduced the “skills endorse” feature, allowing users to quickly endorse one another. “Was that two years ago?” Yes, it doesn’t seem like it, but it was. About a year went by with people occasionally playing with the new category when people […]