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Biggest Cyber Attack in History. Cybersecurity Pioneer Narus Asks: “Are You Safe?”

It’s funny how things work. Earlier this week I was interviewing the team at Narus. The company, an independent subsidiary of Boeing and more about digital, less about massive bodies of steel,  is a pioneer in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity, the practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack or damage. I was asking the […]

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Cloud DevOps – An App Developer’s New Best Friend

As published on Technorati What is DevOps? The proliferation of mobile and web applications has had a dramatic impact on how applications are developed, the internal platforms that support that development, and the organizational teams involved. Today’s developers want real-time access to the latest computing and storage resources. At the same time, they need support […]

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Crowdfunding Advice to Entrepreneurs: Fulfill Your Orders

As published on Technorati Crowdfunding Plus Let’s say you’ve got a great idea. Something like a better mousetrap, but better. Like a better, safer, bicycle tire. You need money and you need guidance to bring it to market. Go to Kickstarter and you can work on getting the capital. Then what? Holy cow, I’ve got orders to fulfill!  […]

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Death of and the Price of Falling Behind

Earlier this week, Entertainment Promotions closed its doors, laying off 667 employees, including 225 at its Troy, Michigan headquarters. The company is best known for that massive coupon book some of us buy from kids out fundraising for their school. The company had a 50-year history and earned itself a household name. This may not rival the Twinkie news, but […]

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Facebook Men Are Cheap. I’m Talking Ads, Not Dates

As written for SocialMediaToday Facebook Advertising According to financial analysts Facebook Q4 revenue (including payments, fees) could reach $1.5 billion. Digital marketing technology company Kenshoo says that just over 20 percent (20.3 percent) of the company’s ad revenue is now coming from mobile. And as per eMarketer, almost four billion dollars in advertising budgets were spent on Facebook ads […]

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#BigData – They Just Call It “Data” in Texas

Originally published on Technorati Big Data Texas Style Geographically located somewhat half-way between San Francisco’s apps and New York’s publishers is a company that helps pull it all together. Austin, TX-based, Pervasive Software, is a middle-ware provider. What Wikipedia calls, “software glue.” It’s what allows clients to invoke services across multiple databases. I met with Mike Hoskins, […]

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When Google’s Instant Update Ruins a Perfectly Good #SXSW Outing

Originally published to SocialMediaToday SXSW Android Style Don’t be jealous iPhone owners, but when you’re part of the not-so-exclusive Android club, you get exclusive perks. Things you just can’t do with an iPhone that make our Droid-to-real lives so much easier than your mere mortal ones. Because we have the statistically #2 largest social network […]

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4 Things to Try with the New Pinterest Analytics [VIDEO]

Originally published to Social Media Today In the app developer world we’re all still waiting for an announcement about an open Pinterest API. While yesterday’s news was no such luck, it was still good news for marketers who can now enjoy Pinterests new analytics. Sure, they’re a little late to the game, but hey, they’re […]