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5 Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Legal Worldwide

Written By Willy Beamen

With more and more countries making cannabis legal and decriminalizing this plant in its entirety, it’s important to ask one question – is there a reason why it isn’t already legal worldwide. While there are more than enough examples and statistics from all over the globe that show that decriminalizing cannabis had only positive effects, the opposition still remains strong.

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to briefly explain the difference between decriminalizing and legalizing.

· Legalization: Removing legal restrictions surrounding its use, cultivation, sale and possession.

· Decriminalization: Removing criminal sanctions against its use, cultivation, sale and possession.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five reasons why cannabis should be legal worldwide, as well as how this could benefit everyone.

Decriminalizing leads to a drop in crime

Never in human history was there such a sudden increase in the power of a crime organization like during the prohibition era. Whenever you make something illegal, you don’t just magically make it disappear. What you do is make it impossible for one to acquire it by legal means, which means that they’ll turn to other sources. The risk that comes with procuring this illegal substance also inflates the price, which only gives more money to those with ill intent. As soon as the prohibition was ended, the mob was forced to move to other venues. Sure, the problem wasn’t solved then and there but at least one of its aspects was curtailed.

Prison sentences are irrationally high

When talking about the effects of marijuana, it’s really hard to make a case about it being worse than alcohol. However, in some countries, the possession of drugs is treated the same, regardless of the drug in question. This means that for the possession of amounts that are modest even for personal use, you could get a serious prison sentence. In the United States alone, there’s an estimate that about 40,000 people are incarcerated for cannabis. All of these people are incarcerated, away from their families, friends, jobs and even their normal lives because of a plant that’s being made legal by more and more countries.

A potential industry

Instead of being a factor contributing to the development of crime, cannabis could fuel a powerful industry. First of all, instead of money going to dealers and cartels, the money would go to legitimate business owners and farmers. The tax for the purchase of cannabis would fuel the budget and the entire society would benefit. For instance, cannabis growing in Australia is transforming Australian agriculture. It won’t be long until the whole world starts catching up. Since cannabis is a particularly resilient plant that can grow both indoors and outdoors, this opens up a whole world of opportunities in various regions.

Medical cannabis

As far as medical cannabis goes, there are numerous benefits, both researched and unresearched that are worth mentioning. First of all, everyone knows that marijuana reduces anxiety. Sure, being used too often may have a negative effect but if it’s illegal, people who are already using it are reluctant to ask their doctor about these things. All of this would change if cannabis is made legal. Other than this, the plant is known to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, control nausea caused by chemotherapy and more. People with MS can use it in order to release their muscles. The list goes on and on.


A lot of people only see that cannabis is illegal, which makes them automatically discard the desire to develop any kind of knowledge regarding the plant. This also makes them automatically see all people who use it (even in countries where cannabis is already legal) as criminals, drug addicts, etc. This creates a huge societal gap that needs to be addressed and makes people close their eyes in the face of one of the most important issues of the modern world. The unnecessarily cruel enforcement of these laws is, therefore, often seen as justified, while racially discriminatory stereotypes are taken more seriously than they should be.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to understand that just because something is legal, this doesn’t make it right. Half a century ago, in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe, it was illegal to hide a Jewish person. A century and a half ago, it was completely legal to own another human being. Several centuries ago, it was legal to physically abuse your own family.

In other words, instead of just sticking to what’s legal, we need to acknowledge that the times change. In light of our evolving society, we need to constantly question laws and regulations which were made in previous centuries and ask just one question – is this right? This alone should answer the question of why cannabis should be legal worldwide. Visit Cannabis App Development

Author Bio:  Willy Beamen, is from Sydney, he is an avid researcher and editor who loves helping website owners with content marketing.

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