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5 Smart Ways to Boost the Traffic of An eCommerce Store

According to a recent study, there are over 120,000 e-commerce stores on the Web in the US. This results in 120,000 great brains working on their projects, vying for consumer’s attention, in an attempt to remain profitable. In such a scenario, any business that is new to the e-commerce scene, or is a veteran of the field, needs to do something unique and remarkable to attract customers. Mentioned below are the various facets of smart ideas, and how it could help improve the traffic on any e-commerce website.

1. The Customer would know: How he benefits from the Product

It’s not just about marketing the product right, it’s also about showing any potential customer how they could incorporate the product into their lifestyles. If the customer would know the importance of the product in their life, told through a slew of images and social media content, then the consumer would be more than willing to try their hands on the product; this would lead to higher traffic on the website.

2. If the Content is Good, it could result in re-shares and re-posts


If the content created by the store owner is decent enough to strike a chord with the purported buyer, then he may be more inclined towards sharing it onwards. According to a report, conducted by a social media website, if the content is precise, and to the point; then it could result in further sharing of it, and that has led to a 31% increase in the referral traffic from social media, no small figure to contend with.

Also, as the saying goes, “An image is worth a thousand words”, an image would convey the message far better than any huge block of words could. Hence, it should be used effectively to the advantage of the website progenitor, in that, he/she should be willing to create an infographic of the written word, which would be far easier to grasp and to understand.

3. Visibility

As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind”, if a budding business needs to prosper in this market of cut-throat competition, they need to be willing to think out of the box and remain conspicuous at all time. This would usually involve choosing the right social media channel for the business, and require the progenitor to research properly in his/her targeted market, in an attempt to understand the needs of the customer. Also, it is important to figure out the social media websites that have the highest user’s from a particular segment.

Also, web streaming websites and infographic websites could aid them in reaching their goals faster. After all, as per a recent study, over 80% of the respondent have shown an affinity towards consuming their data through videos. Hence, a continued visibility on some such platforms could result in an immense increase in traffic.

4. This world is full of Hashtags

Any content posted online, especially when posted with an accompanying hashtag, is soon to find resonance amongst the readers. After all, today everything is based on trends, and the topic that trends the most could garner the highest number of hits and re-shares. Such hits, when channeled properly, could lead to a higher number of user’s populating the e-commerce website.

Hence, if the content is catchy, and is good enough to find rapport with the user, accompanying it with an apt hashtag would result in a higher re-share potential.

5. It shows Commitment of the e-commerce Website

If the website is quick to posts useful information for the users, they would start believing in its commitment towards them. Such a belief, would, in turn, lead to a higher appreciation for the website. After all, no one wants to dabble their toes in something that they have no knowledge of and would shun like the plague itself. Hence, posting new, imaginative, and helpful content on social media channels, whilst promoting the website could lead to a higher appreciation of the product. Offering promotional products like full-color business flyers at low prices as compare to competitors can engage the online visitors.

Also, if done correctly, then it may also result in off-line publicity, through word of mouth, wherein the customer would be quick to recommend the e-commerce store to everyone they know. This would channel a path of unprecedented growth.

DIY ideas, when done smartly, could result in a higher influx of visitors to the e-commerce website. After all, the majority amount of publishing now happens online, but if done right, it could lead to word of mouth publicity too. This is surely a win-win situation for everyone, the customer and the e-commerce website.

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Andre Bourque (@SocialMktgFella) is a cannabis industry media influencer, brand executive and advisor, blockchain marketer, and cannabis columnist. He specializes in cannabis industry partnerships, distribution, and funding. He is a ranked social media marketing and content strategist.

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