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5 Social Media Platforms Every Musician Should Use in 2021

Are you struggling to promote your music? Whether a singer, musician, or influencer, the talent will be unseen without an audience. But how to build a large fan base? The simple answer is to utilize social media.

Social media is a powerful tool in the digital world where an artist can gain followers and show their creativity. Moreover, such platforms avail opportunities for many musicians to share their music globally. Either for live music or uploading videos/songs, most musicians prefer using social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

However, it’s frustrating and distracting to use all social media at a time. You need to think strategically about which one to work on. Otherwise, you won’t get the expected result. Suppose you’re doing great on Facebook and Instagram for music promotion. But as soon as you jump on to Twitter, the viewers on Facebook or Instagram start decreasing.

Hence rather than spending too much time on all social sites, choose one or two for the best outcome. Follow the article to learn about 5 social media platforms every musician should use in 2021.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms Every Musician Should Use in 2021

Before proceeding, remember, you need to be active and persistent on that social network. The longer you give effort, the sooner it’ll pay off.

Here are the top five social platforms for musicians.


It’s one of the best video-sharing social sites to build your music career. All you need is to create a YouTube channel first and then start uploading your songs or videos. Moreover, with 2 billion global users, you can get massive responses and viewers.

Not only uploading, but also you can showcase different professional music videos, behind the scenes, making of the song, etc. Additionally, fans can interact with you through comments and share your videos. You can even add your website or other social media links in the video description.


With more than 1.82 million daily active users, Facebook is the largest online network. It helps you to connect with fans globally who can hear your music. Additionally, the Facebook business tool allows you to promote music by placing advertisements for interested people.

You can share your music from the personal profile or fan page. To succeed on Facebook, post regularly, join different music groups, interact with the community, and most importantly, do Facebook live. Are you too busy to post? Don’t worry. The Facebook page allows you to schedule content.


Like Facebook, Twitter is also an advertising platform that helps you to boost followers. Though you’re only allowed to tweet up to 140 characters, it’s sometimes enough to announce your upcoming project.

Creating perfect catchy lines and engaging with interested people is an effective way to build a fan base. Also, you can collaborate with other artists on Twitter and get discovered by labels.

However, people may argue about how Twitter can be the perfect platform for musicians. But once you become famous, starting Twitter can be beneficial. If you regularly tweet, respond and retweet, it’ll enhance your online presence. So, it’s worth a try as a musician.


Have you heard about Dan Avidan? The famous American musician, songwriter, and comedian, Dan Avidan is a dynamic internet personality on Instagram. 

From celebrities to common people, every people use this platform to share their creativity. Started as a photosharing app, Instagram has gained popularity due to its other interesting features like IGTV and IG Reel. Here you can upload up to a 10-minute long video, visible for 24 hours. 

Not to mention, you can cross-post directly from Instagram to other sites like Twitter or Facebook. As a musician, it is a good place to create an online presence in order to drive more traffic and communicate with fans. 


Do you want more exposure? Then TikTok is the right platform to make video content and share it with other platforms like Instagram. In a word, you can expand fan engagement through TikTok.

Not only for music promotion but also for sharing songs and find new audiences, TikTok is a great platform in 2021. Moreover, with 20.33 million daily users, it’s easier to spread your music and drive people towards it.

Wrapping Up

Social media platforms influence the whole world. So, when it comes to promoting or creating awareness about music or anything, people rely on social networks. It’s easy to reach large audiences, interact and engage with them.

However, it can be exhausting to find the correct website or app for digital music promotion. As a matter of fact, you need to be active almost 24/7 hours. Hence, take time and promote your work on a particular online site first. Whether you’re in a band or solo, keep focusing on growing followers and encouraging them to share your music.

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