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68% Of Marketers Want To Know How To Create Better Visual Content

For us this was a really great stat to read about. Because it means that marketers are no longer happy with general, run of the mill content that you could find anywhere.

Now, you’re striving for quality in the images you’ve used. And you want to have ownership over the content you create too.

And, adding that personal touch and creating your own higher quality images, can have a big influence on your branding; making you more recognisable and interesting in busy news feeds.

If you’re not one of the marketers looking to create better visuals, then now is the time for you to become one – you don’t want to get left in this dust here.

And in-depth review of how to create better visual content is a little beyond the scope of this article. But, the good news is that the fantastic Mary Stribley has already written about if for you over at this post right here.

Or, if you want the short-and-snappy version, here’s an Infographic showing you the basics of the type of content you should be using:


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