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Ad Impressions for the Planet: One Company’s Earth Day Contribution

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Earth Day 2012

Earth Day began in 1970. At a time when V-8 engines and chrome ruled the U.S. highways, and plumes of factory smoke filled the air with reckless abandon, the movement tapped into the emerging cultural consciousness of environmental concerns. Now, over 30 years later, sentiment has grown stronger and technology has evolved beyond anticipation. One company has tapped into both trends.

PlanetUp Ads is a company that’s figured out an inventive way to use the web as a channel to fueling the world’s green movement. The company has set out to neutralize carbon emissions by connecting people and brands with a patent-pending system that enables each online ad impression to contribute just a little bit more to the world as a whole. This introduces a whole, new “green” option for advertisers.

As PlanetUp’s CEO, Ian Wolff explains, “Prior to our technology, carbon offsets were only be distributed in units of ‘tons.’ We have changed that by creating ‘micro-offsets’ that allow every PlanetUp Ads unit served to contribute a small amount to global green projects.”

Originally from Latin America and now with headquarters in San Francisco, PlanetUp is working with brand advertisers and publishers seeking to be perceived as being “environmentally responsible.” Ian comments, “We’ve been quite popular and successful in Latin America, but this year’s Earth Day marks our wider introduction into the U.S. advertising market.”

PlanetUp-TOMS-socialmarketingfellaSouth of the U.S., companies like Grupo Bimbo, one of the largest baking companies in the world, has seen its ad campaign with PlanetUp help offset over 125,757 pounds of CO2. Companies have up-to-date “carbon account” that track their performance. For Grupo Bimbo, their leger shows an effort tantamont to removing 3,834 mid-size cars from the roads for an enture day. Highly socially conscious, Tom’s Shoes and Eyeware, one of PlanetUp’s first American brands, is enjoying a natural fit with their brand image and overall mission.  

The entire carbon offset offering is verified and certified by third parties. PlanetUp is certified by the BSI Group. It’s ISO 27001 the company ensures they are delivering a precise system for Carbon Offset inventory management and security of advertisers. In this way, brands, advertisers, and web-navigating users all know they are going green in the process. 


“Earth Day brings visibility to a global crisis and pulls us all together,” remarks Ian. “It’s an initiative that’s done a good job at that. With our ads advertisers, publishers and users all have an everyday opportunity to contribute to the earth.” There’s a saying in Spanish, “es nuestro granito de arena” which roughly means, “out little bit.” For PlanetUp, this ad technology is their “little bit” of a contribution to make our environment a better place to live, a little bit at at time. 

In contribution to Earth Day 2012, PlanetUp has produced and apublished a free “Green Book” guide packed with tips and advice on how to live a greener lifestlye. 


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