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Book Review

The Women Who Served in the Resistance – My Grandmother’s Escape From a Nazi Death March

In the book “The Women Who Served in the Resistance: My Grandmother’s Escape From a Nazi Death March,” Gwen Strauss traces the steps of her great aunt, who was arrested for smuggling Jews into Nazi Germany. The Holocaust forced many Jews to walk miles in bare feet and scant clothing to reach safety. The women […]


Accounting and Tax Prosecutors: Tips for Networking

You can and should learn how to network. Networking increases the number of individuals you can contact for guidance, job possibilities, and professional development. “…We all know that bringing in business will assure long-term success,” says Nick Spoltore, Surgent’s VP of Strategic Content Development. It is the unmistakable sign of progress, and many would say […]


Best Things to Do in Dubai For an Unforgettable Trip in Dubai Bucket List

Since its transformation from a quiet fishing village to a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis in the latter half of the twenty-first century, Dubai, located within the United Arab Emirates, has been incredibly geared up for foreign visitors. It is now the ideal spot for holidaymakers looking for an array of exciting activities that will keep their […]


Desert Safari Dubai

In all the cities around all over the globe, Dubai has been ranked as one of the more well-known ones. It is considered to be the top tourist destination for foreigners and families in 2018 too. While in Dubai, you’ll discover an entirely new world of entertainment, culture, and many places that are a blast […]