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B2B Inbound Marketing Study: Cloud Company Sees 76% Increase in Conversions

Inbound marketing

Cloud security provider FortyCloud‘s online marketing strategy relies on inbound marketing to generate traffic by writing detailed articles on relevant security topics. The company uses an assortment of valuable content to drive visitor engagement, lead capture, and conversion. They use a combination of standard, and premium content (requiring contact information input), but sought to increase conversion and engagement while anonymous sitevisitors who don’t opt for premium content.


To convert more anonymous visitors to leads, FortyCloud used BrightInfo‘s dynamic, personal content recommendation engine. The engine’s targeting algorithm helped FortyCloud automatically recommend and serve up the most relevant available content to anonymous visitors.

BrightInfo_FortyCloud CaseStudy.pdf


Within 30 days, FortyCloud saw a 76 percent increase in online form conversions, as more visitors signed up for premium content. The company also noted lower bounce rates, and an increase in content consumption.

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Have a look at the entire BrightInfo_FortyCloud CaseStudy, and enjoy this overview on B2B website bounce reduction with BrightInfo:

Bounce reduction in action from BrightInfo on Vimeo.

 A typical B2B landing page has up-to 90% bounce rate, and only 1-4% of visitors convert into leads. But BrightInfo customers achieve 6% higher click-through-rate on their landing pages and boost leads.


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