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How is Big Data Becoming Bigger in Today’s World? [Infographic]

The world is slowly becoming overrun with big data. In a technological era where more things are recorded online than with traditional pen and paper, that’s hardly a surprise. Data comes in many different forms, with more and more of each being produced on a daily basis.

Amazingly, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. While those numbers sound staggering, it’s perhaps less of a surprise when you consider 2.5 quintillion bytes are now created every day. This figure would require 10 million blu-ray discs to store, which, when stacked atop of each other, would amount to four Eiffel Towers.

This rapid growth in data usage has been a continued trend for some time. Across the last 25 years the global numbers have been very telling:

  • 1992 – 100GB used a day

  • 1997 – 100GB used an hour

  • 2002 – 100GB used a second

  • 2013 – 28,875GB used a second

  • 2018 (estimated) – 50,000GB used a second

This continued rise in the amount of data being produced directly corresponds with the availability of the internet across the globe. 3 billion people currently use the internet – as many people as the Earth’s population back in 1960.

Social media has perhaps served as the most prominent cause of this sudden influx, with every minute seeing:

  • 204,000,000 emails sent

  • 72 hours of footage uploaded on YouTube

  • 277,000 Tweets posted

  • 216,000 Instagram posts made

Want to discover more about big data? Check out the fascinating infographic below for a full rundown of how it’s shaping the world around us.

Infographic courtesy of Vouchercloud

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