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Blockchain MarTech and AdTech Space Grows By Nearly 400% in 6 Months (Landscape)

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TL;DR—The latest Blockchain MarTech Landscape shows a new crypto-enabled market for marketing technology and AdTech is emerging at a torrid pace.

Back in September, we released the first-ever Blockchain MarTech Landscape. It showed an early stage market emerging, but it was still nascent. That is no longer the case as the market has exploded in the past 6 months, showing nearly 400% growth.

You can download the full PDF here for FREE or click over to the Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape (BMTL) for Q1, 2018.

Background: Blockchains will change Marketing

The premise of the CMO Primer for the Age of Blockchains (and a slew of other blog posts), however, was this:

The arrival of crypto technologies, such as blockchain, will have an impact on the function of marketing as big, if not bigger, than earlier disruptive technologies such as TV, Internet, Social, and Mobile.

So far, so good.

Advertising and Loyalty Still Lead, but Other Sectors Show Growth

There are many insights to be had, but here are just a few.

  • The attack on the inefficiencies in the digital ad ecosystem continues. It is the area of the landscape that shows the most activity.
  • The loyalty market has grown by 150% as many people realize that loyalty points are assets that can be represented as crypto tokens
  • Crypto-search and social advertising is up by 500%
  • Decentralized identity projects grew by nearly 100%

First-Movers Showing Some Traction

While not represented in the landscape per se, our research also uncovered some nice stories of traction on the part of some of the more established players in the market.

  • Steem is one of the top 1,200 most visited sites in the world, registering a top-500 spot in US traffic
  • Loyyal has worked with Smart Dubai on blockchain applications that support rewards for tourism activities, and is being explored by Singapore airlines and the Amadeus Global Travel Ecosystem to deliver consumer loyalty
  • The OnXchng partner program now has 10 partners, with an estimated 300mm in mobile ad unit inventory.
  • Papyrus has joined the IAB tech lab and has 4 pilots in the works.
  • AdChain has a market cap of $21 million and its daily trading volume is $200k and has launched the token-curated Registry to the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet for refinement.

The Future Looks Bright for Blockchain MarTech and AdTech

Marketers need technology to get their job done. As the crypto market grows, the rate of innovation in the Blockchain MarTech space will continue to grow as well as we discover new ways for marketers to deliver value and improve ROI via crypto-based models.

We expect to see this landscape grow even more, perhaps even at a faster rate as more talent and capital flows into the space.

These are only the Blockchain MarTech projects know about and it is certainly possible that we have missed more than a few. We will update as we learn about them.


As I shared back in September, I am the first to admit that some of these classifications could probably be better (e.g. CRM vs. Identity). In the future, as new capabilities emerge, we will reimagine how the landscape looks and where projects are classified. For now, however, what we are seeing is growth and future disruption of existing Marketing Technologies.

Is there a Blockchain MarTech project we missed?

Projects seeking to be profiled are able to complete this form for consideration.

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