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Canine Inequality in Social Media [Infographic]

Our social pets

Canine inequality in social media  InfographicNew data from Kloff, the top app for pet photo-sharing, reveals the latest trends in pet-related social media activity on a global scale. “It’s not just about taking a photo of a pet. It’s about branding your pet’s unique personality through the photo,” explains Jane Chung, Co-founder of Klooff.

She continues, “Is your cat grumpy? How is your dog funny? When I curate, I always check my first reaction against my emotional scale of 1-10, 10 being the score that would me to laugh out loud or love it enough to want to share immediately. Usually when I have a strong reaction, I’ll post it, and I see the correlation in shares. Sharing is key to trending, and social media sharing comes from inciting emotion. You stir the emotion through the right image, caption, and moment.”

In addition to revealing the most popular dog breeds in 22 different countries, the company’s latest graphic describes insights, including:

  • Cat photos get 2.3x more shares than dog photos
  • Small dogs are 61% more likely to wear costumes than large dogs
  • The hedgehog is the most popular exotic pet of 2014

Currently featured as one of Apple App Store’s “Best New Apps”.

Pet Internet Trends 2014


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