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Study: Why Quality Review Content Matters for Businesses

Research shows quality review content drives purchase decisions more than star counts. In a recent Consumer Affairs study, 60 percent of participants said they tended to pay more attention to customer comments than to star ratings. Only 11 percent of consumers pay more attention to star ratings, and more than one-fourth (29 percent) say they […]

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Ten Percent of CEOs Care Little about Damage from Social Media Hacking

Twitter Account Hacks It happened to Craig, to Jack, and to the guy once known as “Barry.” The list of high profile Twitter accounts that had their passwords stolen in a security breach continues to grow. Hacked accounts of President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden imply no one is untouchable. A recent Peer Reach’s analysis reported that many […]
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What a Community Manager Does [Infographic]

January 28th is Community Manager Appreciation Day. Yes, there is such a thing. The idea was kicked-off back in 2010 by web authority, Jeremiah Owyang, and now takes place every 4th Monday of January. The ostensible point to recognize the “behind-the-scenes” influence of online community managers around the world who use content and social media to maintain brands and engage customers. In […]

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6 Tools to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Guest Post by Erica Moss Inbound marketing is a specific type of strategy, aimed at positioning your brand, product or service in a way that makes it easy for potential customers to find you. Through the techniques described in What Is Inbound Marketing and Why It Works, you’ve learned how to employ various strategies to put […]

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Amazon and Enterprise Social – Funny Binder Reviews Can Be Good Business

As written for Social Media Today and Business2Community A funny thing about virality is it’s hard to anticipate. As journalists, we’re spot on if we can merely capture a trend and spread it further when it’s happening. As social media marketers, we’re even more powerful when we can recognize the potential for one and ignite it, […]

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New Marketing for an Opt-In Culture – Interview with Simon Kelly, COO of Story WW

Article first published as New Marketing Approach to an Opt-In Culture – Interview with Simon Kelly, COO of Story WW on Technorati. Content Marketing Strategies I was introduced to Story Worldwide at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference, hosted by Story is the next generation media agency that applies storytelling techniques and pragmatic measurements to drive exceptional brand marketing and […]

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Awakening the Green Giant through Content Marketing

As published in Social Media Today Content Marketing Once upon a time, in lush fields of green, lived a powerful brand icon. After an early life in the limelight, he slowed down. For many years he lived in seclusion; few saw or heard from him… I’ve embellished a bit, but that’s kind-of how the Green […]

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Are You a Pollinator? – Interview with Skip Brand, CEO of Martini Media

Article first written for, and published as Are You a Pollinator? – Interview with Skip Brand, CEO of Martini Media on Technorati. Niche Marketing for Greater Market Understanding Martini Media has been a pioneer in advertising to the wealthiest consumers across niche media. The company has a digital media platform for reaching American consumers with household incomes over $100,000, representing 25% […]