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Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO Tom Burgess

Article first published as Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess on Technorati. Not Just for Grandma Anymore The coupon industry has come a long way from the nostalgic days of my grandmother clipping coupons from Manchester, New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper. In some ways, it’s even become “cool.” With […]

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Ad Impressions for the Planet: One Company’s Earth Day Contribution

As published on Social Media Today Earth Day 2012 Earth Day began in 1970. At a time when V-8 engines and chrome ruled the U.S. highways, and plumes of factory smoke filled the air with reckless abandon, the movement tapped into the emerging cultural consciousness of environmental concerns. Now, over 30 years later, sentiment has […]

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Just Because Your Content Is Online, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Private

Article first published as Just Because Your Content’s Online, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Private on Technorati. Data Privacy If you’re like me you may think something like selecting a checkbox on your user profile should entitle you to content privacy. At least to the degree Google’s not indexing it, perhaps. It may, it may not. But […]

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Case Study: The “GoToMeeting” Guys Get Analytical

As published in Social Media Today Agile Business Intelligence Most of us know the company Citrix from that little GoToMeeting icon on our desktops. But the company does more than just collaborative solutions—a whole lot more. Citrix Systems designs and develops software and hardware solutions  for a global customer base. In fact, more than 230,000 […]

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Key Things to Look for in Your Video Conferencing Solution

As published on Social Media Today Not All Conferencing Solutions Are the Same By this time, many of us have experienced the benefits of video conferencing solutions as part of our organizational and sales-oriented processes. Things like cost-effectiveness, the ability to connect with prospects in a time-effective manner, and real-time connectivity all ring true. But […]

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10 Great Sets of Business Tools for SMBs

As published on Business2Community.com The Cloud Is Great for SMBs  Whether or not the economic environment is right to start your small business depends a lot on what your business is, where it’s located, and who you ask. But insofar as technology is concerned, the tools available for starting a small business have never been […]

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Ads for the Earth: Interview with Ian Wolff, CEO of PlanetUp

Article first written for, and published as Advertising That Gives Back (Literally) – Exclusive Interview with Ian Wolff, CEO of PlanetUp Ads on Technorati. Advertising Technology  With all the excitement buzzing around town for ad:tech San Francisco, companies are eager to showcase their latest “2.0’s” and “never before” product releases. Admittedly, in talking to these companies, I’ve […]

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3 Things You Can Do with Your Backup Data – Interview with Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak

Article first written for, and published as I’ve Backed Up My Files, Now What? Interview with Ethan Oberman, CEO of SpiderOak on Technorati. World Backup Day is March 31st. Now in its second year, the event is an annual Internet-wide promotion of data backups. So many of us know we really should backup all our precious baby videos, […]