Gamification strategies as an instrument to business reach and retention.

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The Bull Market for Bands: Interview with TastemakerX CEO, Marc Ruxin

Article first published as The Bull Market for Bands: Interview with TastemasterX CEO, Marc Ruxin on Technorati. TastemakerX is social gamification-element platform that allows users to build “stock” portfolios of personal musical tastes and trade, share, and comment on them. Okay, so that’s a lot of words, so allow me to lend along with them a more current […]

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Social Loyalty and Gamification – Interview with Tuhin Roy, Co-founder of Fanzy

Article first written for, and published as Social Loyalty Disruption – Interview with Tuhin Roy, Co-founder of Fanzy on Technorati. Hyper-engaged Gamification for the Masses Fanzy is an exciting San Francisco startup launching the world’s first social loyalty network. I spoke with company co-founder, Tuhin Roy at ad:tech San Francisco to get more insight into the company’s […]

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Greater Engagement via Social – Interview with BulbStorm CEO, Bart Steiner

Article first written for, and published as Lower Barriers and Greater Engagement: Interview with BulbStorm CEO, Bart Steiner on Technorati. Social Media Marketing “You’ve collected your Facebook likes, spent some dough on Facebook ads, and maybe given away an iPad or two. That was good for 2010. Now what?” That’s the tagline on BulbStorm’s website, and the […]

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Gamification Drives Performance Success

As published on Gamification Strategy I’ve written a lot before about gamification, admittedly, one of my favorite topics. A lot of people think the strategy is all about games for consumers, but the application goes deeper than that. Developed correctly, a gamification platform deployed internally across an organization can deliver exceptional performance results. At the […]
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Hitachi’s Social Media Success

Article first written for, and published as Hitachi Data Systems Shares 5 Steps to B2B Social Media Success on Technorati. Social Media for Enterprise Business When most of us think of Hitachi Data Systems, we don’t necessarily think “social media.” I mean, at first pass, I wouldn’t associate the image of a towering black Hitachi server as […]

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Eerie Eyeballs: Groupon’s Gamification

Gamification for Business As originally published in First, let me start off by stating, my only affiliation with Groupon is that I used ’em last week at Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Indian Curry, here in San Francisco (yes, there is such a place).  Next, let’s level-set on definitions, and give a little background for any newbies. […]


Gamification What?

Gamification When I speak to both old school brick and mortar merchandisers as well as some front-leading tech companies, I’m still amazed how few know about Gamification. Back in 2008 I remember pitching to British Airways all about the brandability of games for their in-flight entertainment systems.  Back then, companies like BunchBall, the now self-proclaimed […]