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How #Mobile Has Changed the Video Game Industry

Video gaming has continued to increase in popularity over the last few decades. Its growth has led to experts in traditional home entertainment voicing concerns that it could severely limit the growth of television, radio and print media. Before the turn of the millennium, video games revenue was estimated at $2.6 billion in the UK. […]

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Craft Beer Going Social Analog With Card and Board Games

As published to Huffington Post The craft beer industry is booming to the tune of $19.6 billion and at every taproom, brewing and brewpub there are craft beer fans on their phones. From Untappd, craft beer’s leading social media platform, to NextGlass, which helps beer noobs find something else they’ll like based on algorithmic recommendations, […]

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When Gaming Meets the Real World -– Interview with Beintoo CEO, Antonio Tomarchio

Article written for, and published as When Gaming Meets the Real World – Interview with Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo on Technorati. Gamification Meets the Real World The title of this article was the title of a workshop at last week’s ad:tech conference in San Francisco. The focus of the program was new strategies being used in the […]