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Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: Social Networking in Real Life

 As written for SocialMediaToday A funny thing happened when we got our first smartphone and data plan only to embark on an entirely new digital relationship. And some of us forgot, even just a bit, about real life. Social Networking in Real Life If 2012 was the year social networking went mobile, then we may well […]

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Next Phase of Mobile Games – Interview with Tapjoy SVP, Chris Akhavan

As written for Technorati Everyone wants a piece of the mobile pie, but display ads and banners aren’t working; e-mail contact with consumers is archaic and attention spans are short. One of the few industries getting it right in the mobile space is gaming: an industry often overlooked or marginalized by the business world. According to a report compiled by […]

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Value-exchange Advertising – Interview with SponsorPay

San Francisco is a hotbed of innovation. It’s the kind of place where last week’s ad:tech interactive advertising conference and this week’s Gamification Summit can meld into an entirely new and effective product. Value-exchange advertising is one of those, new methods. Value-Exchange Advertising Display advertising, especially on mobile platforms, doesn’t work for users. As the technology industry rapidly changes and content […]

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Storytelling: What Alice in Wonderland and Great Mobile Apps Have in Common

  The Art of Storytelling“ Paradise, where virtue is rewarded, where neither evil nor death exist, is the eternal dream of man.” Thus begins the chronographic story Medieval Heaven, by NARR8. The Russian-native company (pronounced “narˌāt”), with offices recently launched here in the U.S., offers a fresh approach to mobile apps and content, delivering an array […]

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Biggest Cyber Attack in History. Cybersecurity Pioneer Narus Asks: “Are You Safe?”

It’s funny how things work. Earlier this week I was interviewing the team at Narus. The company, an independent subsidiary of Boeing and more about digital, less about massive bodies of steel,  is a pioneer in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity, the practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack or damage. I was asking the […]

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Cloud DevOps – An App Developer’s New Best Friend

As published on Technorati What is DevOps? The proliferation of mobile and web applications has had a dramatic impact on how applications are developed, the internal platforms that support that development, and the organizational teams involved. Today’s developers want real-time access to the latest computing and storage resources. At the same time, they need support […]

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#BigData – They Just Call It “Data” in Texas

Originally published on Technorati Big Data Texas Style Geographically located somewhat half-way between San Francisco’s apps and New York’s publishers is a company that helps pull it all together. Austin, TX-based, Pervasive Software, is a middle-ware provider. What Wikipedia calls, “software glue.” It’s what allows clients to invoke services across multiple databases. I met with Mike Hoskins, […]

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SXSW – Is Brevity the New Big?

If SXSW this year is any indication, quick communication apps appear to be somewhat of a trend. The year that began with Twitter’s launch of Vine, may become the year of brevity. A time when communication became quicker, shorter, and more efficient. Company, TextReject, for example, takes the typing out of getting rid of someone. Really. Startup Plympton (recently […]