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CEO Interview: Visual Engagement – The Power of Storyboarding with Storyboard That

Article first published as CEO Interview: Visual Engagement: The Power of Storyboarding with Storyboard That on Technorati. Paraphrasing the Lean Startup mantra – In today’s business world the question isn’t what you can build, but what you should build. Central to knowing what to build is a firm grasp on what problem you want to solve, why […]

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3 Rules of Content Translation–Interview with Rob Vandenberg, CEO of Lingotek

The world is not made up of English-speaking people although many can speak or understand a few basic English words like greetings and common conversation words. However, those who are not fluent in English would rather not struggle with a foreign language. This means that to maximize your website or online business, you need to […]

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SocialCode’s 6 Ways to Reward Your Brand’s Social Influencers

As published on Social Media Today Finding Your Social Influencers SocialCode, a leading social marketing solutions provider, earlier this month announced the release of two new features that help brands reach the most influential Facebook users, or “viral brand accelerants.” By observing the behavior of millions of consumers across thousandsof Facebook pages, the company is able […]

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Making Data Cool: An Interview with Geoff Domoracki, CEO of DataWeek

Originally published on Technorati Anybody who’s anybody in and around the technology industry in Chicago knows aboutTechWeek. The mid-summer, week-long extravaganza has become a model of infusing visibility and notoriety to Chicago’s technology scene. Organizers of that event have created a new model: conferences that are more immersive, built around a sequence of “curriculum,” and […]

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Human-Influenced Search – Interview with Blekko CTO, Greg Lindahl

As published on Technorati Human Touch Data Years ago the federal government launched a project where they had millions of documents that needed to be assessed and then declassified. It was much too large a job for human curation, so a method needed to be designed and implemented that would assure one hundred percent accuracy […]

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Big Data without the Big Wait: An interview with Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights

Article first published as Big Data without the Big Wait: An interview with Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights on Technorati. Co-authored by Lillian Pierson “Data plus context equals insight,” that’s the mantra of business intelligence (BI) solution, Metric Insights. The company provides a self-service, collaboration-focused business intelligence platform that delivers insight from the combination […]

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Game Changer: Crowdsourcing Patent Research – An Interview with Cheryl Milone, CEO of Article One Partners

As originally written for and published on Technorati Co-authored by Lillian Pierson — The World of Ideas and Patents Let’s say you’re an enterprise start-up bio-tech company with a team over in the left wing that just happened upon an innovative new solution to a problem that plagues your industry. With this solution, years of […]

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Content Marketing Made Easier – Interview with Michael J. Fern, CEO of Intigi

Article written for and published as Content Marketing Made Easier – Interview with Michael J. Fern, CEO of Intigi on Technorati. The practice of content marketing (aka inbound marketing) is about consistently generating compelling, value-add content to your audience. I’ve done a lot of writing about it, and Google considers me a bit of an authority on […]