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What Twitter’s Awkward Teen Phase Means to Marketers

As published to The HuffingtonPost Twitter is one of the largest and most recognized social media companies in the world. It currently boasts over 300 million users, over three fourths of which reside outside of the United States. It has become almost culturally ubiquitous, with hashtags migrating into other forms of media and traditional news […]

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4 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Social Media

As published on SocialMediaToday Networking Online Is Crucial, But It Needs to Be Done Right, CEO says. When they need to make personal connections with the rest of humanity, more and more Americans are doing so via the Internet. A 2014 study by the Pew Research Center showed that 74 percent of adults who go […]

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Tan, Tweet, Repeat – Engage Mexico’s Social Media Training

As written for Technorati Hands-On Social Media Training…With a Piña Colada So the July 4th celebrations are over if you’re in the States. It’s back to “the grind.” The paperwork is still there, and, oh yeah, your boss needs you to figure out this whole “social media” thing and how to do it like the […]

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Pass the Licorice – Brands Waste No Time with #InstagramVideo

As written for Technorati Instagram’s announcement that it’s added video to its platform made waves with the masses Thursday. Analysts, social media practitioners, and news outlets quickly embraced the news. USA Today even took to the street in an impromptu poll to gauge the sentiment from avid Vine and Instagram users. Celebrities, too, wasted no time chiming in. Shortly […]

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5 Tips for Twitter Advertising to Your Mobile Audience [SlideShare]

Social Media Advertising As mobile technology grows, a big opportunity arises for brands, mobile ads on Twitter are an intrinsic part of the user experience. According to Twitter, sixty percent of their 200 million active users log in via a mobile device at a rate of at least once per month. So the company sought to better understand the behavior of […]

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Demystifying the Art of Building Your Twitter Brand

As written for SocialMediaToday Your Personal Brand Run a search for “building your brand” and every major publication has some staff or contributing author delivering a recent article on the subject. In today’s economic environment, jobs, titles, and skills are all evolving. Scientists work with data as much as they work with particles and molecules. […]

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If Your LinkedIn Box Isn’t Full, You’re Not Doing It Right

As written for and published on Business2Community  LinkedIn Skills Feature Two years ago LinkedIn introduced the “skills endorse” feature, allowing users to quickly endorse one another. “Was that two years ago?” Yes, it doesn’t seem like it, but it was. About a year went by with people occasionally playing with the new category when people […]

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Using Social to Prove a Point with an Ornery Industrial Typewriter

As written for Social Media Today Using Social to Prove a Point Cellairis makes what seems like the world’s strongest iphone screens. How strong are these things? So strong that merely tossing ’em off the roof of a building simply wouldn’t be enough. Nay. So these guys locked themselves into a room, racked their collective brain power, […]