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Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO Tom Burgess

Article first published as Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess on Technorati.

Not Just for Grandma Anymore

The coupon industry has come a long way from the nostalgic days of my grandmother clipping coupons from Manchester, New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper. In some ways, it’s even become “cool.” With all the daily deals sites and tight economic times, the industry is burgeoning. Technorati spoke with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess, about the industry trends.
linkLinkable Networks is at the forefront of couponing by changing the modern savings model. “While shopper loyalty cards are dying, card-linked offers enable brand loyalty through available offers.” Tom tells me. Linkable Networks’ advertising unit converts TV, radio, print, banner, text, video, or mobile ads into linkable offers, known as “Linkables.” Linkables deliver targeting and attribution for advertisers, while allowing consumers to enjoy savings from the brands they use.

“Our technology allows consumers to link store-level and item-level offers directly to the credit or debit card of choice,” Tom mentions.  He explains this is all done seamlessly, with no point-of-sale integration, no coupons or mail-in rebates. The way it works, the discounts appear directly on the consumer’s bank statement. “For consumers, Linkables deliver one-click access to meaningful savings,” Tom continues.

After a one-time, fully secure credit or debit card registration process, customers can simply click, scan or text anytime they see an ad with the linkables name or logo. Doing so generates the savings offer and stores it to whatever card the user has registered. After purchase, users see the savings appear automatically in their account. And because of their ability to target, Linkables delivers users with the types of offers they are likely to enjoy and appreciate.

This is all part of the evolution of delivering consumer value. This infographic, produced by Linkable Networks, shows where the coupon industry’s been, to where it is now.


At the forefront of these latest trends and technology, Linkable Networks delivers seven key results for advertisers. The company’s solution:

1.  Provides direct accountability between advertising (online, email, mobile, tablets, print, TV, and radio) and consumer purchasing. This improves campaign performance and ROI, while extending campaign reach and effectiveness through social media distribution and endorsement of offers.

2.  Introduces new, untapped targeting capabilities. Unlike the single retailer shopper loyalty card data, Linkables are targeted via aggregate purchases across all retailers and known purchase intent.

3.  Delivers powerful reporting both pre- and post-campaign. Measuring both ends helps companies truly determine the efficacy of a campaign.Improves campaign performance and ROI while extending campaign reach and effectiveness through social media distribution and endorsement of offers.

4.  Uniquely reaches across all types of credit and debit cards.

5.  Eliminates wasted budget spend, by delivering accurate attribution of in-store redemption. Once target redemption is met, spend can be distributed to other, more pressing areas.

6.  Enhances loyalty and increases sales, both in-store and online.

7.  And, most significantly, supports both manufacturer and item level products in a store. Meaning, discounts can be issued a $10 off any purchases at Lowes Home Improvement, as well as at the level of a $10 coupon off the Skil-branded drill at that same Lowes.

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