Does CBD for Dogs Actually Work?

Does your dog have anxiety issues or pain, and you are at your wit’s end? Will nothing help give your poor pup relief? Well, CBD may be able to help! They make it for all types of pets, but dogs are the most common it is given to. So, your dog has some health issues, is CBD the answer for him or her?

You can check with your vet first before starting them on it, and of course, some may even sell it at their office. There is also the option of finding organic CBD for your canine companion, such as the ones found at Using organic is usually best as it does not contain any additives or toxins that may be dangerous for your pet.

Dogs and CBD, Does It Work?

Since CBD became legalized, many have found benefits to the plant extract without the THC from marijuana. This is the kind you want for your dog, and maybe even yourself. However, humans can have CBD with THC, but in America, they need a medicinal marijuana card for a certain amount of THC in CBD products.

For dogs, on the other hand, THC is bad. You do not want your dog to have any THC in his or her medication, so make sure the percentage is nonexistent. It is important to note that THC may have negative effects on your dog, so keep this in mind while shopping around for it.

The pain and anxiety relief your dog may experience will be worth looking into these. Instead of trying to give them medications and dealing with the negative side effects, try giving them CBD oil as an alternative. These can help your dog have little to no issues or at least less detrimental ones. 

What are the Health Benefits?

CBD has a variety of health benefits for humans and dogs alike. Dogs, on one hand, can get relief from anxiety, pain, nausea, and more. Humans as well can get similar relief too. So why not get some for you and your sick pup? Getting him or her the help he or she needs is something you strive to do as a pet owner.

Alternative medicines are not always bad to try and use. Worst-case scenario, it does not work. Best case, it works great and your dog finally has some relief from their pain. This is great for both you and your pet! Now since CBD was illegal, there are still studies being done to this day for more information on other benefits and side effects. So always keep this in mind when deciding on whether to use CBD or not.

Research is your best friend, just like your doggie. The more research you do on the topic, the more informed you will be to make the best decision for your furry buddy. However, CBD has shown countless times it helps humans, dogs, cats, and even horses with a variety of health issues. So, it is worth trying out!

Some Side Effects

Now, any new medication you or your dog tries will have side effects. The side effects of CBD are not as bad as other prescription medications may end up being. So far, the ones found have not been extreme, and include just dry mouth, drowsiness, and low blood pressure. As you can see, these are minor things that can be fixed by proper dosing.

You need to make sure you give your dog the proper dose of this product, so they do not have these side effects. The dosing will vary on weight and size, so check out this website for more information on the correct amount to give your dog.

How to Find the Right Oil

CBD is great for dogs, humans, and all kinds of pets. But how do you find the right kind? What brand should you get? Well, it is important to check the labels, and if ordering online, make sure they show you exactly what is in their products. Getting the oil for your pets is something you need to shop around for first, check the levels of THC and what, if any, additives may be in it.

If it has anything other CBD in it and is not organic, you might want to look elsewhere. You do not want to give your best friend anything toxic, so make sure it is pure and organic. Also, some oils list what they help with, so not all of them are the same. Some may help with anxiety, while others help with the pain and some even do both, it just depends on the mixture.

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