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Emerging Technology: The Best of CES 2012

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I didn’t go to CES this year, am told it turned out to be the largest on record, despite a slow economy and the lack of any hugely anticipated announcements or unveilings.  But Business Insider has a good article on the all the emerging technology showcased at “Best of CES.”

Here’s the emerging technology that caught the critics eyes from the guys at CyberShack.

And of emerging technologyhits and misses,” as posted by MyBrand includes (misses are more fun, so let’s mention them here):


  • Microsoft Corp signed off after 14 show-opening keynotes with a bizarre, news-free presentation featuring a “Twitter choir” and a Q&A anchored by Ryan Seacrest. The company is reportedly revamping its marketing organization.
  • Panasonic Corp’s combo digital photo frame and Skype terminal. “The idea of some engineer who has been locked in a room for 10 years,” one observer quipped.
  • Dish Network Corp’s stunt with a fidgety live kangaroo onstage, to launch its new “Hopper” package. For a video, click on http://blogs.reuters.com/mediafile/2012/01/09/dishs-kangaroo-pitchman-doesnt-cooperate/
  • A Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s fridge that streams Pandora and Twitter. It’s OK to take a break from the Internet every now and then.
  • And last but not least: Sony Corp’s strange “Wedding Invitation” promo for its Internet-enabled TVs. Verbatim from the invite: “Internet plopped down on one knee. After nervously fidgeting around, he blurted, “I can haz marriage?” and presented TV with a giant ring. She, of course, said yes. And the rest is history.”
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5 Replies to “Emerging Technology: The Best of CES 2012

  1. Internation CES is a great way to see the most innovative products and services that are about to hit the market. Some very exciting things are coming our way for sure. I wish I could have been there.

  2. The wedding invitation promo was fun. It has garnered a lot of attention and people are talking about it. Overall, CES was successful in drawing large crowds. I was not there but my friends were all praises for this year’s CES.

  3. Made it to the show. Yeah, not so many strong releases from the big guys. But lots of little interesting new prototypes scattered about. More automated pets in our future.

  4. I agree with you— I may be an internet junkie, but I do not need the internet shouting at me when I’m standing at my fridge and trying to pick out something to eat. I think maybe I just go over and open it randomly when I’m not hungry just for the peace and quiet.

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