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Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera with XF 16-80mm

Camera typedigital
Camera typemirrorless
Matrix resolution, Mpix26.1
Full frame sensorNot
Matrix typeCMOS
Maximum resolution6240 x 4160
Lens availabilitykit (included)
Minimum focal length, mmsixteen
Maximum focal length, mm80
Optical Lens StabilizerNot
Manual setting of shutter speed and apertureYes
LCD screen, inches3
Video recordingYes

Fujifilm X-T3 Kit XF 16-80mm f / 4 silver – top-end interchangeable-lens mirrorless camera

The X-T3 is a flagship camera with an advanced sensor, powerful processor, fast shutter speed, fast focusing system, and advanced stabilization. With this camera, the user gets the widest possible possibilities for creativity.

Improved equipment

The basis of the camera of the new series is a combination of a matrix X-TransTM CMOS 4 with a resolution of 26.1 megapixels and a high-speed image processor X-Processor 4. Their coordinated work allows you to get the highest possible quality of photo and video frames, full detail and vivid color reproduction.

High-tech guarantee of clarity Fujifilm X-T3 Kit XF 16-80mm f / 4

The camera received an integrated stabilization system IBIS. It performs sensitive and fast compensation of any movement along the five axes, leveling up to 6.5 stops. The applied system makes it possible to take photos or videos without a tripod and in low light conditions.

Latest generation mechanism

The camera uses an ultra-fast curtain shutter powered by a high-torque, coreless DC motor. Thanks to its smooth operation, the camera is capable of continuous shooting at a speed of up to 15 frames per second. The response delay is only 0.035 seconds.

Fujifilm X-T3 Advanced Focusing Capabilities

A state-of-the-art focusing system with phase detection, face and eye recognition provide the constant clarity of the objects being shot in the model. Covering almost the entire area of ​​the frame and smoothly changing the position of the targeting area, the focusing system allows you to take sharp shots even when shooting fast-moving subjects.

Movable screen

The high-resolution display provided in the model has a variable tilt angle. This allows you to adjust its position for convenient control over the composition of the frame and the shooting process in general.

The screen can operate in three modes:

  • Low Light Priority to display subjects as clearly as possible in low light;
  • “Resolution Priority” for showing even the smallest details of the scenes being shot;
  • Frame Rate Priority for clear picture when shooting moving subjects.

Zoom Optics for Fujifilm X-T3

The Fujifilm camera is equipped with an interchangeable short-focus zoom lens. The focal lengths of the optics cover values ​​from 16 to 80 mm, and the maximum aperture is f / 4. The optical design of the lens consists of 12 elements in 9 groups, including glasses with different levels of dispersion. This minimizes the risk of any optical distortion occurring.

For convenient interaction

The camera got at its disposal all the main connection interfaces: both wired and wireless. Among them:

  • audio input;
  • USB;
  • HDMI;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi.

With their help, the camera can be connected to compatible devices for file sharing and settings. Additionally, a receiver is integrated into the technical base for control using the remote control.

More durability Fujifilm X-T3

With this camera in hand, you can take photos and videos, practically not paying attention to the surrounding circumstances. This is facilitated by the protection of the silver case and built-in electronics from dust, splashes, and frost down to minus 10 degrees.

Fujifilm X-T3 User Best Review

Advantages: I will list the advantages, for me personally: 1. Compactness 2. Image quality, in no way inferior to the quality of full-frame DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. 3. A huge park of original optics. Moreover, Fujifilm has all the high-quality optics, from budget to premium. 4. Colors and camera jpeg. This has always been a Fujifilm chip and the X-T3 is no exception. 5. In X-T3, the work with video is very seriously worked out. Now, this camera can be fully used by videographers, not just photographers.

Disadvantages: Since the camera is positioned as a photo-video harvester, it would be convenient to enable video recording with a separate button, and not switch the shooting mode with a twist like now.

Recently, negative, clearly ordered reviews began to appear. I want to warn future buyers – do not get fooled by outright lies. Get information from several sources, youtube, specialized forums. And the quality of photos is better to look again on specialized resources, for example, Flickr, 500px

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