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What Futuristic Tech Will You See in Your Lifetime? [Interactive Infographic]

Over the next few decades, technology is set to skyrocket and shape the world in ways we can barely imagine. It’s about to revolutionise the way we live and work.

The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. It has already advanced to the point where we can control our TV’s, heating and even our lights through home automation but that’s just the beginning. We’re constantly being inundated with predictions of the future, but with so many ideas about the world of tomorrow, it can sometimes be hard to get a true picture of what the world will be like.

Future tech embraces many different areas, from nanotechnology to 3D printing. Wearable and implantable technologies will enhance people’s digital presence, allowing them to interact with objects and one another in new ways and 3D printing will allow for printing products at home and creating a whole set of human health opportunities through a process called bioprinting.

In an attempt to get a clearer idea of life in the next few decades, take a quick journey into the future to discover the technology that will become a reality in your lifetime.  Simply enter your age into this graphic from RS components.

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  1. Really impressed with this infographic. Thanks so much for sharing. Has lots of great information and is a good example of how infographics should be made.

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