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Get YouTube Clone with Best Features Built in By StreamTube

Being the torchbearer and the source of entertainment, news and celebrity gossip YouTube is certainly the platform which has been embraced by everyone all across. YouTube, unlike other platforms, do not ask the viewers to create an account with them. It is probably one of the only platforms from where video streaming is completely free.

The video streaming business has developed so much beyond the scope that visionaries are asking for the incorporation of YouTube clone for their businesses.

Software developers and coding experts have dispatched enterprises which would provide a YouTube clone script charging minimum money. The flourishing media industry has developed applications which can be run on mobile phones, tablets, and also other gadgets introduced for the benefit of mankind.

More than 50% of the total internet savvy crowd watches online videos every single day. YouTube with its immense figure of millions and the most dominant video sharing script has ingrained itself as the best video sharing portal of the current generation. The content used by YouTube in their videos are captivating and intriguing which attracts an admirable number of customers every single day.

A YouTube clone can be created in two ways, one being commencing the venture from the scratch with the use of coding and designing. The other way is to buy a video sharing script which has already been acclaimed and put up for sale over a CMS based platform.

A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most crucial elements you would need for such a business. You need an excellent video player to launch such a platform.

One of the most distinguished platforms for CMS is StreamTube.


StreamTube is a video CMS including standard elements of YouTube that allows you to launch your own particular video sharing site immediately. This video sharing script has a feature pressed admin board and offers different informational arrangements to help clients. It has an effective and rich in feature CMS and is intended to deal with a vast volume of information every day.

StreamTube comes up with a YouTube clone content which is completely adaptable from video input transformation configurations to the layout of the messaging system.

StreamTube is a product with staggering highlights as well as it is more than that. Such an enterprise has inserted a plan of action, payment gateways and has additionally influenced its open source features empowering you to redo it as you like. Android and iOS applications for your clients, push notifications to keep them connected with and the advertisement administration are few superlative features of StreamTube.

Some of the important features of YouTube clone script developed by StreamHash are stated below.

Creating a Channel and Subscription Layouts

With such impeccable video streaming software, users can create multiple YouTube channels for video advertising. It also aids viewers in subscribing to multiple channels only in order to relish videos. Whenever there is a fresh upload on the YouTube channel you have subscribed to, you will receive a notification so that it’s easy for you to watch and market videos.

Management of Video Advertisements

Being an owner you can choose where you want your advertisements to be placed on your YouTube live stream. Settings of advertisement campaigns can also be altered accordingly. Basically, you can easily play around with the advertisement s you are going to stream in between your flicks.

Dynamic Admin Panel

The admin panel of StreamTube is quite fascinating, dynamic and robust. These options help StreamTube to edit, add or remove already uploaded videos. Robustness can also aid is adding or removing individual user profiles.

SEO Friendly

Organic traffic can even be accumulated by implementing a strategy which would reduce costs. StreamTube offers an inbuilt capability to acquire traffic in the easiest possible manner; the process being labeled as “Search Engine Optimization”.

Such initiatives would increase brand awareness and would rank you at the highest possible position on search engines.

Payment Gateway

Scaling your business will be the easiest if you are using a video sharing script such as StreamTube. PayPal is the moderator who triggers payment collection for the generation of revenue for a particular YouTube channel.

A robust and secure payment portal is created which would be accessible to every individual across the globe. Credit card payments are made easier and simpler than ever.

Upload Unlimited Content

An uncountable number of videos and categories can be uploaded and created on the platform of video CMS such as StreamTube. With a powerful innovative approach and an ascendable layout, StreamTube can take care of numerous users simultaneously.

Segregation of categories has also made it easy for the users to look for their desired video on a particular channel or even all across the YouTube clone.

Can Run on Android and iOS Platform as Well

The YouTube clone script developed by StreamHash has the feature of platform independence. When we speak of recent times, it has been proven that more than 80% of the total YouTube users watch content on their smartphones.

StreamTube would create an application for you which will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Such an application would allow you to generate much better revenue than what a website would have given you.

Customizing Video Resolution 

Once a video is uploaded in high-definition, the admin can customize the auto resolution feature according to his need. In this way, the HD video can be converted into low-definition and standard-definition version for the viewers using a low bandwidth.

Users can thus watch videos according to their preferred video resolution.

Report Abuse

StreamHash while creating a YouTube clone also keeps in mind that the video sharing script carries the feature of reporting any user guilty of infringement and abusing the rules and regulations of your clone.

The admin panel would help you in removing these users and banning them so that they are unable to relish video content on your channel.

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