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Give Your Audience a Fresh Take by Repurposing Old Content

By Janice Kersh

Many people like to repurpose their old blog posts into ebooks to help generate email lists, and it’s a decent tactic. But, it’s not the only way to repurpose your content. Your top content can be manipulated to create even more content for use throughout your website. If you want a content marketing strategy that provides unlimited opportunities, integrate repurposing into your list of tactics. Here’s how you can bring new life to old content.

What Can You Do With an Old Email Campaign that Got a Ton of Engagement?

Do you remember that time you got an 80% open rate and a 12% engagement rate for that lead nurturing campaign you sent out via email? Now that content is dead, right? Actually, the answer is no. You can reanimate that campaign now, for use in a brand new social media campaign. Have you ever thought of that?

Your email and social media audiences aren’t all that different. They like to see the same types of content. The only thing different is going to be how you present the information. Spin your old email campaigns, turning them into social media campaigns with hashtags, images, and more. It worked for email engagement, so it will probably work for social media as well.


Steps for building a new social media campaign based on your emails:

Open up each email from the outstanding workflow.

  1. Read through the emails and create a list that includes 6-8 facts and tips, sourced from each email.
  2. Create an account in Canva or open up the presentation software on your computer to start designing.
  3. Create an image for each item on your list, and include the following elements:
    1. A piece of advice or a fact
    2. Your company name or website URL
    3. The Information Source
  4. Create a list of relevant hashtags to use in your posts.
  5. Compile your new posts and schedule on social media.

By using this tactic, you can come up with a ton of new social media posts on subjects that your audience has already shown interest in.

This is How to Transform Your Internal Analytics Reports

Every marketer spends hours generating analytics reports to test the effectiveness of their campaigns. Do you find information that could be helpful to your target audience? If the answer is “yes,” then start sharing them. You will have to spin the content into the form of a case study.

Writing case studies, and sharing them with your audience, is an awesome way to generate leads and building relationships with your current contacts. When you publish your unique knowledge to help other people, it is an instant win for your brand.

Polish Up Your Quora Answers to Use in Your Blog

Have you ever given an answer on Quora that received hundreds or even thousands of upvotes and views? Why don’t you consider rewriting them to use in your blog? The information is obviously great, so, recycle it.

Andy Crestodina explains how to spin an article, in a way that actually works. Article spinning is a slippery slope, and you need to do more than just make sure you’ve changed the wording 70% to avoid plagiarism. For example, if you answered the question, “What is the best way to invest $1,000 on social media marketing?” spin the title first. Try something like, “Why You Should Invest More on SMM Efforts,” or, “This is the Best Way to Invest in Social Media Marketing Services.”

Don’t Create Ebooks From Your Blog Posts; Do This Instead

Okay, honestly, if you want to create ebooks from your successful blog posts, go right ahead. But, everyone is doing it, and someone with a keen eye will see that they can already find this information on your blog, without subscribing. So, instead, consider pulling together your best blog content and writing a script for a podcast.


[screen shot sourced from:]

Podcasts and videos appeal to users who like to listen to their information. The beauty in a podcast is that your readers can download them or stream and listen to them anywhere – at work, while driving, at the gym. Not everyone is into podcasts, but by leveraging them, you’re opening the door to an entirely new audience than your blog evangelists. And, why not use your old content to open this new door?


There are probably over a million ways to repurpose your old online content to reuse in new places (I don’t know – haven’t done the math). Now you have some ideas to get you started: Emails can become social media campaigns, analytics reports transformed to case studies, Quora answers used in blog posts, and blog posts reborn as podcasts.  Recycle the content you already have, and make it available to new audiences. Once you start, you will never again run out of ideas. What are you going to repurpose first?

Janice Kersh is the woman behind content marketing at Essay Writer Pro. She is responsible for crafting and promoting exciting content.


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