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Hiring Through Social Media

With more than 75% of US Americans on social media, you are bound to find hungry job seekers looking for their next opportunity on these mediums. Take advantage of this very large and engaged group to capture quality candidates for your hospitality business.

Start recruiting for your restaurant via these popular social channels:


Social networking giant Facebook can definitely help you staff your business. Spread the word that you are hiring with your friends through a status update. Encourage them to reshare so that the message can be seen by those in their circle too. If you are not receiving any leads from your own acquaintances, join dedicated groups. For example, if you are seeking an experienced sommelier, ask around in NYC Wine Industry Professionals, a group consisting of passionate and knowledgeable wine stewards.


They say photos are worth a thousands words–So why not try Instagram? The highly visual platform is a rich source for BOH talents. Culinary professionals, namely chefs and cooks, enjoy taking snapshots of their food masterpieces. They take immense pride in creating their works of art, capturing it nicely in photo form and uploading it for the public to see. Narrow down your search by following select hashtags, like #chefsofinstagram or #chefslife. Reach out to these individuals and see if they would be interested in a job opening at your restaurant. You can easily engage with them through the comments or by sending a personalized direct message.

“Blackberry and strawberry mousse” Work of art by @lvin1stbite #GourmetArtistry

A photo posted by World’s Finest Food Plating (@gourmetartistry) on


In a pinch and really need to find team members fast? Stick to channels catered to your niche, like Harri, an all-in-one hospitality online platform to help you source, hire and manage your restaurant. With an employer account on Harri, you can post a traditional job listing and wait for candidates to apply. However, you can be in control of your destiny by inviting people to submit their applications. Having the ability to weed out job seekers like this can certainly decrease hiring time and costs.


Hiring through social media is one of many hospitality solutions that you need to implement to modernize your restaurant operations. Adapt to these new trends quick, or you will be continuing to let quality talent slip by you.

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