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Hotel Vandivort’s Public Bathrooms Transform #SocialMedia Selfies

Hotel Vandivort s Bathrooms Transform Selfies

The age of the selfie is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. People, in fact, are getting more creative with their selfies and finding unusual locations to shoot the pics.

In Springfield, Missouri, the new, posh Hotel Vandivort has become a unique place to shoot a bathroom selfie – yes, that’s a bathroom selfie – people are proud to share and post for all to see.

The #HotelVandivortBathroomSelfie is fantastic. It makes you look good. While the first person to discover the fountain-of-youth photo spot inside the boutique hotel hasn’t been tracked down, it’s safe to say this phenomenon caught on quickly and is expected to grow.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau’s executive director, Tracy Kimberlin, even took a selfie in the restroom and the bureau did a blog post about the trend at Hotel Vandivort and “417 Magazine” also posted information on Facebook about the photos.

Merry Christmas!! #hotelvandivortbathroomselfie

A photo posted by @tornboutique on

About 100 photos have been posted on Instagram and the number is growing quickly. In many cases, the photos look as if they were taken in a professional photo studio.

“It’s weird,” says JP Roberts, general manager of Hotel Vandivort, who posted his own  #HotelVandivortBathroomSelfie on Facebook. “It’s been going on for a while and it’s kind of caught on. Apparently the lighting is good.”

And sure enough, it’s the lighting plus the unisex facilities that make this a bathroom selfie experience like no other.

When the hotel opened last summer, it’s open-concept lobby filled with comfortable gathering places and on-site restaurant – The Order – was referred to as Downtown’s Living Room. Little did anyone know the hotel’s restrooms would also become a public gathering place.

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