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How can CMMS help in Corrective Maintenance?

Today most businesses use a CMMS software to maintain a centralized record of all the company assets that are subject to maintenance. The software is designed to schedule planned maintenance activity and track the status of the inventory. The biggest shift that organizations have witnessed after the adaption of the CMMS system is the transition from Reactive Maintenance to Corrective Maintenance.

So, let’s first understand, what is Corrective Maintenance?

Corrective maintenance refers to the maintenance activities that are done to reinstate the equipment’s, machines and the system to an appropriate working condition. For instance, a technician goes to a manufacturing plant for an emergency repair, during his inspection he spots an error with another part which is at present functioning but if not repaired can result in major breakdown within few days. 

So here, although the technician had come for reactive maintenance yet in the process he spotted an issue that needed correction and thus the problem was addressed even before it occurred.

Once the new problem is found, now the technician will plan a corrective maintenance activity to repair and restore the problematic part.  

There are a lot of companies that still rely on Reactive maintenance. So, let us first understand how preventive or corrective maintenance is better than reactive maintenance.

  1. In Preventive maintenance, the problem is found at an early stage, therefore the cost of repair is less. However, in Reactive method, maintenance only occurs once the equipment or the system has completely stopped working. Thus, this not only increases the cost of repair, but a lot of time is lost in repair. 
  2. In Preventive method, as the part is rectified, even before a problem occurs, there is no money lost in downtime.
  3. In Reactive maintenance, chances of the equipment’s getting damaged are higher, since there was no planned maintenance activity performed for the machinery. The time and money involved in replacing or repairing this machine will be greater than just replacing a part. However, in Preventive maintenance, the problem is never allowed to become big.
  4. During Preventive maintenance, as the machines are periodically managed, cleaned and repaired, the overall lifespan of the machinery significantly increases.

What are the Key Benefits of Corrective Maintenance?

  • Any problem that is spotted with a system or equipment during the planned maintenance activity is addressed immediately, even before the breakdown occurs. This is what is meant by Corrective Maintenance.


  • The work orders for Corrective maintenance are made immediately as they are identified during the normal maintenance activity.


  • Corrective Maintenance helps in addressing the issues, at an early stage, thus reducing both planned and unplanned downtime incidences.


  • It reduces the cost of big repairs, as the problem is detected early.


  • It enhances the lifeline of the machinery, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the asset.


  • Optimizes the use of resources through process automation


  • Intensifies employee safety by maintaining a detailed record of the asset health from time to time. 


Final Word:

A recent report states that “a company can save between 12% and 18% of their money, using preventive maintenance.” The CMMS mobile application is the best tool that can help you do that. It can manage your assets efficiently, thus optimizing the overall productivity and profitability of your organization. Simply choose the right CMMS that has apt features to address your maintenance related challenges.

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